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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Read articles about parapsychology, healing and related topics at 'Mind Energy'

If you are enthusiastic about parapsychology fields, ESP, healing and related topics then 'Mind Energy' is the place to check lots of articles and posts. There are 222 posts relating to parapsychology topic only. Few other topics are (The number inside the brakets shows number of posts): Energy (102), Aura (19), Chakras (14), ESP (98), Healing (105), Health (77) and a lot more.
You can estimate how much variety of articles you can find at the site.

'Mind' is created with several goals which are:

- Create public interest in various aspects of parapsychology and its uses, mainly related to healing mind and body, consciousness and extra-sensory perception (ESP).

- Cover trends, research publications, books and other information on the web and in the real world related to parapsychology.

- Publish lessons for basic steps in training one's psychic capabilities.

- Cover various blogs and sites related to parapsychology, filter information and present it to visitors of this site.

Their parapsychology and alternative medicine forums are a good place to look for related topic discussions.

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