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Friday, March 28, 2008

Reason 4 smile"- helping introverts to be successful

"Reason 4 smile" is a self help blog, which provides motivational, inspirational thoughts for your self growth.
Blog title is very impressive as it says:
" Turning limitation into advantages, helping introverts to be successful"

Robert the blogger has explained the blog purpose in detail at about page.

In his post Seven benefits of blogging to your personal growth he says:

1. You’re becoming better at words
2. You declare your dream
3. You remind yourself
4. Learn to learn
5. Learn to help
6. Learn to promote and network
7. Learn to experience and give example

(I do agree, that from the day I started blogging and kept it going could teach me a lot and "learning" is a joy for me, as it creates a feeling of getting something valuable.)

There are many posts at topics like courage, serenity, and wisdom.
Few more articles of note:

- What is your motivation?

Start reading posts at: site map link.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

20 tips-Learn how to keep your hair healthy?

Good nutrition is essential for healthy hair growth, as it is important for whole body.

But what are the other factors which play an important role in keeping your hair healthy?

These are some facts about hair, and at the part of the article would provide you with 20 tips which guide you to keep your hair healthy.

Some facts about hair:

There are, initially, approximately 100,000 hairs on our head. Each grows independently of the others, in three stages: 90 percent in the 'growth' stage, lasting as long as four-to-five years; 10 percent in the 'resting' stage, lasting several months--until the hair falls out because of new growth underneath--and the 'new' stage, when increased cellular activity in the hair follicles produces new hairs.

Normally, we lose about 50 hairs each day, shampooing, brushing or meditating silently. Abnormal hair loss can result from common problems involving both hormone levels and mineral uptake; from metabolic disorders or problems in the scalp and hair shafts, as well as from psychological imbalances. Fortunately, women rarely suffer the equivalent of male-pattern baldness, and even then, it's usually mild and later in life.

In men, male-pattern baldness can begin as early as the mid-teens. Heredity, androgen hormones and aging are the known culprits, although it's not yet known precisely how androgenic hormones affect hair follicles in producing hair loss. Nevertheless, the majority of males will be partly or fully bald by age 60.

Temporary hair loss (telogen effluvium) or area baldness (alopecia areata) can result from stopping the use of birth-control pills, the hormonal changes of pregnancy and its aftermath, severe emotional stress, surgery or acute illness. However, by the time you notice it's happening--one-to-three months after the cause--it's already being corrected, precluding the necessity for treatment.

Diffuse thinning can also result from metabolic imbalances or disorders, such as large doses of vitamin A, certain medications (including chemotherapy for cancer), diabetes, anemia or iron deficiency through blood loss, rapid weight loss through unskillful diets, and from malnutrition or starvation. Likewise, pulling hair too tightly in braids or pony tails; constantly wearing very tight wigs or hats, or hair-straightening regimens and permanents, applied too often or improperly, can result in hair breaking easily, as well as diffuse thinning. Again, hair ususally grows back once the underlying problem is corrected.

Ven. Rechung Rinpoche, in his book, Tibetan Medicine, concludes: "Symptoms of a deficiency of the bones: one's teeth and hair fall out." Likewise, the former personal physician to the Dalai Lama, Dr. Yeshi Dondon, in The Secret Oral Teachings On the Eight Branches of the Science of Healing, states that: "Frequent bathing gives greater virility, bodily heat, strength, long life and lively complexion, and dispels itching due to perspiration, lassitude, thirst and overheating of the body." Nevertheless, he adds: "Washing the head with warm water causes a loss of hair and visual strength."

20 tips:

1- Avoid overconsumption of salt (most vegetables have their own natural sodium) and sugar; skip them entirely, if possible.

2- Same with alcohol and tobacco, also contributing causes of hair loss and dandruff.

3- Avoid excessive shampooing--once daily is usually sufficient, using a mild, unmedicated, nonalkaline shampoo (organic ingredients, whenever possible). All bathing or showering strips from your skin the oil which traps water and keeps your skin moist, so avoid harsh soaps, especially those containing deodorant. Also avoid astringents, unless you have oily skin, in which case you can wash/shampoo more often. Those with 'dry' hair may follow shampoos with acid rinses or with oil-based conditioners (again, using organic ingredients whenever possible).

4- Try headstands--or any position lowering your head below your body--several times daily (15 minutes each time).

5- Massage your scalp by hand, or with an electric vibrator.

6- Avoid excessive mental labor, as well as mental stress, both of which reduce scalp circulation by constricting blood vessels. Meditation and mental visualization and relaxation techniques are helpful.

7- Because minerals are even more important to healthy hair than proteins, include both in your diet. Nutritional deficiencies can cause hair loss, as well as premature graying. In some cases, a copper deficiency may cause premature graying. Try one 2-mg. capsule daily of copper from chelated copper gluconate. Overall, eat a balanced, high-quality diet (organic, whenever possible), and/or supplement with good multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, trace-element and amino acid formulas.

8- Just as moderate exercise increases bone density and can improve hearing, it also improves blood circulation in your scalp.

9- Periodic, scientific juice-fasting removes toxic chemicals built up in your body, especially from chemically-grown foods, the air, the water and drugs used, thus producing healthier hair and preventing premature graying (and aging); average adult carries 5-10 lbs., accumulated over a lifetime!

10- An ounce (each) of sage and rosemary, left for 24 hours in a pint of good water, provides a tonic for treating dandruff.

11- Apple-cider vinegar, applied as a rinse, is another folk remedy for dandruff: heat only slightly, pour on, and let it 'set' for an hour on a towel-draped head, before shampooing.

12- Vitamin E, rubbed on the scalp, is also an effective remedy against dandruff.

13- Rinse immediately after swimming in chlorine- or otherwise-polluted water.

14- Avoid prolonged exposure to harsh, direct sunlight. Ultraviolet rays do the most damage, so avoid the hours they're most intense--10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (11 a.m. to 3 p.m. during Daylight Savings). Even in the shade, ultraviolet intensity can be 50% of that in bright sunlight, while sandy beaches can actually intensify UV exposure by 25% (100% in snow). Same on hazy or cloudy days, when 70-to-80% of UV rays reach the ground. Most skin cancers, for example, are related to the total amount of sunlight absorbed, so do meter yourself.

15- A correlation has been drawn between excess stress and hair loss, even among modern teenagers, so do try to reduce stressors in your life, as much as possible. Using your wisdom in finding ways to manage stress is fundamental to acheiving better hair and skin vitality, not to mention the other psysiological, psychological and spiritual payoffs.

16- With 50% of U.S. women now coloring their hair, manufacturers have perfected far-less-damaging products, although do avoid the hottest settings of hair-curlers, curling irons and hair-dryers, both to prevent hair damage, as well as avoid skin burning.

17- Don't assume that ingesting more protein will stop or prevent hair loss. The U.S. has, by one estimate, 50 times more baldness than low-protein-diet nations such as China, India, Japan and Mexico.

18- Instead, focus on appropriate exercise and on good (organic, whenever possible), balanced nutrition, including whole grains, nuts and seeds; fresh, raw fruits and vegetables (especially silicon-rich kelp, onions, nettle, comfrey and alfalfa); raw (unfertile, whenever possible) egg yolks once or twice a week, and if you still use milk, goat's rather than cow's, usually in the soured form--kefir, yogurt, etc.

19- Also, try to be accepting of what Life has dealt you, genetically, understanding that even though all of the above can help with hair problems--especially those caused by nutritional deficiencies--all but 2% of male-pattern baldness, for instance, results from an overproduction of sex hormones which thickens the galea--the top sheet of scalp tissue--thus constricting the ability of blood capillaries to feed hair roots.

20- Finally, for your entire head, as Dr. Yeshi Donden concludes in 'The Secret Oran Teachings On the Eight Branches of the Science of Healing' : "Always avoid the two conditions leading to illness--unwholesome diet and behavior--by means of mindfulness. Avoid harmful actions of the body, speech and mind, and devote yourself to what is right. Neither torment your senses of taste and so forth, nor overindulge in sensual pleasures."

As shampoos and soaps strip the body's own natural oils off the skin--leading to unnecessary dryness, especially during cold weather, it is better to use organic products. Obviously, a portion of everything you put on your skin is absorbed through the pores. Hence, anything you use should be organic.

Source link: haircare

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Review: "Poly Clinic"-With a long tradition of medical care

The Poly Clinic
promotes the health of patients by providing high quality, personalized health care.

The Polyclinic is one of the largest clinics in the Puget Sound area, with more than 130 primary care and specialty physicians in most areas of medicine. It was established in 1917.

"The PolyClinic" has a tradition and experience of delivering high quality, multi-specialty, comprehensive, personalized care from many years.

Since 1993, The Polyclinic has been a sponsor of the Susan G. "Komen Race for the Cure" which funds breast cancer research, support and patient education.

Every year staff of the clinic participates through running the race as well as disseminating patient education about the importance of breast cancer screening.

According to a report "Cosmetic surgery is of increasing interest to both women and men. In 2006, nearly 11.5 million cosmetic procedures were performed in the United States."
Providing cosmetic surgery is one of the specialty of "The Poly Clinic" as surgeons offer a complete range of it.

* Range of speciality covers facial cosmetic surgery, liposuction, breast augmentation, breast lifts and reduction, abdominoplasty, and body contouring after major weight loss.
* Their three highly-qualified plastic surgeons are well known and respected in the medical community. They have repeatedly been recognized as “Top Doctors” in Seattle Magazine.
* Their surgeons are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and have a total of 50 years practice experience

Thursday, March 20, 2008

"Beauty cosmetic guide"- for tips and tricks about beauty and cosmetics

Whenever I buy a female oriented magazine, the "beauty tips" section is the first page I prefer to look around. I get many useful tips and tricks from those pages, as it helps the women to take care of skin, providing us ideas about cosmetics and home made alternatives as body care products.
Today I am going to review the site, which I found very interesting in this regard. As it is full of
Beauty Cosmetic provides:
Best Beauty, beauty and makeup cosmetics tips, makeup tips, skin disorders, home remedies, free articles, aromatherapy, free cosmetics, cosmetics products, health, fitness, online shopping..

What more you can get here?

You can find the finest selection of products to create simple moments to experience life each day and 'make life beautiful'. It also caters to all your information desire regarding the cosmetics and their role in improving upon the beauty of your body.

We help you to choose the right cosmetics products over the huge net. You can find all the related articles, tips and tricks here which will help you to look beautiful. Plus there are really cool special offers. And we are continuously adding more articles and products.

* Beauty Secret section contains natural and Herbal Beauty Secrets and Free Beauty Secrets Tips.

* Beauty articles: This article section designed to show you exactly how to be beautiful, this site challenges the conventional belief that good looks are something you are born with.

* Beauty Blog is full of useful and informative articles. Articles are updated regularly so for fresh news, tips and tricks, check the blog often.

* You may subscribe to their newsletter, for latest news, tips and other articles.
Site link: Beauty Cosmetic

Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Smorty"Connecting advertisers and bloggers at one platform

There are many sites which are playing a role of medium between advertisers and bloggers.

According to a survey report from BBc, (Survey of attitude towards blogs), 77% of the respondents thought the regularly updated journals were a useful way to get insights into the products and services they should buy.

It clearly shows that regular blog readers are the main focus of advertisers. As they prefer advertise on blogs in review or link placement way. Bloggers are also happy to be paid for their writings.

This is a very legitimate and simple way of earning from your blog. Even top bloggers are using this way to earn money. You may watch many posts at some blogs, which are not compatible with the topic of the blog, those posts are mostly "sponsored posts" and bloggers is paid a specific amount to do it.

Advertisers are glad, because they get unique audience which at least reads about their site or product. And moreover their link is always alive at that blog. So at a very little cost they get a good advertising opportunity.
* Smorty is one of the get paid to review site, which is fastest paying site among all other sites.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Are you getting "Computer Vision Syndrome"?

As computers become part of our everyday life, more and more people are experiencing a variety of ocular symptoms related to computer use. These include eyestrain, tired eyes, irritation, redness, blurred vision, and double vision, collectively referred to as computer vision syndrome.

According to a definition from Wikipedia:

"<"Computer vision syndrome"CVS) is a temporary condition resulting from focusing the eyes on a computer display for protracted, uninterrupted periods of time.
Some symptoms of CVS include headaches, blurred vision, neck pain, fatigue, eye strain, dry, irritated eyes, and difficulty refocusing the eyes. These symptoms can be further aggravated by improper lighting conditions (ie. bright overhead lighting or glare) or air moving past the eyes (e.g. overhead vents, direct air from a fan). CVS has not been proven to cause any permanent damage to the eye.

Why it happens?

CVS is caused by decreased blinking reflex while working long hours focusing on computer screens. The normal blink rate in human eyes is 16-20 per minute. Studies have shown the blink rate to decrease to as low as 6-8 blinks/minute for persons working on the computer screen. This leads to dry eyes. Additionally, the near focusing effort required for such long hours puts strain on ciliary muscles of the eye. This induces symptoms of asthenopia and leads to a feeling of tiredness in the eyes after long hours of work. Some patients present with inability to properly focus on near objects after a short duration. This can be seen in people aged around 30-40 yrs of age, leading to a decrease in the accommodative focusing mechanisms of the eye. This can be a setting for early presbyopia."

Link to the original article: Computer vision syndrome

Computer vision syndrome symptoms may be the cause of ocular (ocular-surface abnormalities or accommodative spasms) and/or extraocular (ergonomic) etiologies. However, the major contributor to computer vision syndrome symptoms by far appears to be dry eye. The visual effects of various display characteristics such as lighting, glare, display quality, refresh rates, and radiation are also discussed. Treatment requires a multidirectional approach combining ocular therapy with adjustment of the workstation. Proper lighting, anti-glare filters, ergonomic positioning of computer monitor and regular work breaks may help improve visual comfort. Lubricating eye drops and special computer glasses help relieve ocular surface–related symptoms.

How is Computer Vision Syndrome diagnosed?

Computer Vision Syndrome can be diagnosed through a comprehensive eye examination. Testing, with special emphasis on visual requirements at the computer working distance, may include:

Patient history to determine any symptoms the patient is experiencing and the presence of any general health problems, medications taken, or environmental factors that may be contributing to the symptoms related to computer use.

Visual acuity measurements to assess the extent to which vision may be affected.

A refraction to determine the appropriate lens power needed to compensate for any refractive errors (nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism).

Testing how the eyes focus, move and work together. In order to obtain a clear, single image of what is being viewed, the eyes must effectively change focus, move and work in unison. This testing will look for problems that keep your eyes from focusing effectively or make it difficult to use both eyes together.
This testing may be done without the use of eye drops to determine how the eyes respond under normal seeing conditions. In some cases, such as when some of the eyes' focusing power may be hidden, eye drops may be used. They temporarily keep the eyes from changing focus while testing is done.

Using the information obtained from these tests, along with results of other tests, your optometrist can determine if you have Computer Vision Syndrome and advise you on treatment options.

Solutions to computer-related vision problems are varied. However, CVS can usually be alleviated by obtaining regular eye care and making changes in how you view the computer screen.

Eye Care:
In some cases, individuals who do not require the use of eyeglasses for other daily activities may benefit from glasses prescribed specifically for computer use. In addition, persons already wearing glasses may find their current prescription does not provide optimal vision for viewing a computer.

Eyeglasses or contact lenses prescribed for general use may not be adequate for computer work. Lenses prescribed to meet the unique visual demands of computer viewing may be needed. Special lens designs, lens powers or lens tints or coatings may help to maximize visual abilities and comfort.

Some computer users experience problems with eye focusing or eye coordination that can't be adequately corrected with eyeglasses or contact lenses. A program of vision therapy may be needed to treat these specific problems. Vision therapy, also called visual training, is a structured program of visual activities prescribed to improve visual abilities. It trains the eyes and brain to work together more effectively. These eye exercises help remediate deficiencies in eye movement, eye focusing and eye teaming and reinforce the eye-brain connection. Treatment may include office-based as well as home training procedures.

Viewing the Computer:
Proper body positioning for computer use.Some important factors in preventing or reducing the symptoms of CVS have to do with the computer and how it is used. This includes lighting conditions, chair comfort, location of reference materials, position of the monitor, and the use of rest breaks.

Location of computer screen: - Most people find it more comfortable to view a computer when the eyes are looking downward. Optimally, the computer screen should be 15 to 20 degrees below eye level (about 4 or 5 inches) as measured from the center of the screen and 20 to 28 inches from the eyes.

Reference materials :- These materials should be located above the keyboard and below the monitor. If this is not possible, a document holder can be used beside the monitor. The goal is to position the documents so you do not need to move your head to look from the document to the screen.

Lighting :- Position the computer screen to avoid glare, particularly from overhead lighting or windows. Use blinds or drapes on windows and replace the light bulbs in desk lamps with bulbs of lower wattage.

Anti-glare screens :- If there is no way to minimize glare from light sources, consider using a screen glare filter. These filters decrease the amount of light reflected from the screen.

Seating position :- Chairs should be comfortably padded and conform to the body. Chair height should be adjusted so your feet rest flat on the floor. If your chair has arms, they should be adjusted to provide arm support while you are typing. Your wrists shouldn't rest on the keyboard when typing.

Rest breaks :- To prevent eyestrain, try to rest your eyes when using the computer for long periods. Rest your eyes for 15 minutes after two hours of continuous computer use. Also, for every 20 minutes of computer viewing, look into the distance for 20 seconds to allow your eyes a chance to refocus.

Blinking :- To minimize your chances of developing dry eye when using a computer, make an effort to blink frequently. Blinking keeps the front surface of your eye moist.
Regular eye examinations and proper viewing habits can help to prevent or reduce the development of the symptoms associated with Computer Vision Syndrome.

* All about vision suggets Computer Glasses for Blurred Vision and Other CVS Symptoms. They say that obtaining customized computer glasses can make a world of difference in your comfort level while you're using the computer. These special-purpose glasses are prescribed specifically to reduce eyestrain and to give you the most comfortable vision at your computer.
How these glasses help us?

The simplest computer glasses have single vision lenses with a modified lens power prescribed to give the most comfortable vision at the user's computer screen. This lens relaxes the amount of accommodation required to keep things in focus at the distance of the computer screen and provides the largest field of view, reducing the risk of eyestrain, blurred vision, and unnatural posture that can cause neck and back pain. These lenses can be used comfortably by younger and older computer users alike.
For more details: Computer Glasses for Blurred Vision and Other CVS Symptoms

* "All about vision suggests 10 Steps for Relief for Computer Eye Strain.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Caring tips for your eyes!

Protection of your eyes and vision is your own responsibility, because taking some prevention and periodic eye exams can save you from eye or vision injuries. But how to take care of our eyes and vision?

The American Optometric Association, with a mission of improving the quality and availability of eye and vision care provides the answer:

According to a report from The American Optometric Association with proper eye protection and increased public awareness, the incidence of eye injuries could be significantly reduced.

"Studies have shown that serious eye injuries around the home outnumber those from industry 3-to-1. People are exposed to strong chemicals in cleaning products and garden chemicals, and are exposed to high-energy hazards while working in a home workshop or yard. Lawn mowers, weed-eaters, leaf blowers, and other lawn care devices all can propel flying particles toward the eyes and cause a severe eye injury.

In addition, it has been estimated that over 100,000 eye injuries occur each year in sports and recreational activities. Basketball, baseball, and racquet sports lead the way due to the high-energy aspects of the sports and the large number of participants nationwide.

Types of Eyewear

Dress Frames and Lenses:
Dress frames and lenses do not provide adequate eye protection. Normal frames can easily break or deform when hit and may be driven into the eye. Additionally, glass and standard plastic lenses can shatter with low energy impacts. Polycarbonate and Trivex™ material lenses are extremely impact resistant, so they are recommended for maximum eye protection. The AOA's Optometric Clinical Practice Guidelines recommend polycarbonate or Trivex™ material lenses for all children and for those individuals with good vision in only one eye.

Safety Glasses and Side Shields:
Safety glasses for general use in industry must pass higher standards than dress frames and lenses in order to provide increased protection. Safety glasses should also be used for additional protection in at-risk activities around the home. The use of side shields with safety glasses offers even more protection. Non-prescription safety glasses are also available which can fitover prescription glasses. Discuss your work and home eye safety requirements with your optometrist.

Sports Eye Protectors:
One of the fastest growing segments of the eyecare industry has been eyewear designed specifically to protect the eyes during sports.

The speed of balls, racquets and other materials used in sports requires that sports eye protectors pass rigorous standards. Protectors for racquetball, for example, must be able to withstand a direct blow from a swinging racquet. The Association for Standards Testing and Materials (ASTM) sets standards for sports eye protectors for many sports. It is important to obtain the protector that has been tested for the sport you are playing. Check the packaging or "hang-tag" to see if your sports eye protector is ASTM approved.

Fortunately, coaches, parents and players now realize that wearing protective eyewear for sports reduces, or eliminates, the risk of eye damage. Dress eyewear should never be worn in sports where an impact to the face is possible. Sports protective eyewear is available in prescription form to meet both vision and safety needs. Ask your optometrist which protectors are recommended for the sports in which you participate.

Who should wear eye protection?

Everyone requires eye protection at one time or another. Individuals with good vision in only one eye are at special risk and should wear eye protection at all times. All children who wear glasses should have polycarbonate or Trivex™ material lenses. Below are examples of activities that require eye protection:

- Working with power tools, lawnmowers, and power trimmers
- Working with hazardous chemicals and caustic materials
- Securing elastic "bungee" cords
- Hammering, drilling, or grinding
- Riding a motorcycle, ATV, or bicycle
- Hunting or fishing
- Participating in at-risk sports

Eye injuries can happen to anyone, but most injuries are preventable. Minimize your risk. Discuss your eye safety options with your optometrist.

Link to the article: eye protection

Friday, March 7, 2008

Review: "JRS medical"- An online medical supplier

Online business and shopping has become a trend now. And many online stores and suppliers are now spreading their business through net. There is no doubt that you get the discounted and cheap products by shopping or buying online, because suppliers or manufacture can save their showroom and other related expenses and that saving goes inside online shopper's pocket.

JRS deals in online medical supplies with discount prices.

More features of the site:

* They have over 15,000 discounted medical supplies from more than 300 manufacturers.

* You can save on shipping as they offer free shipping on most orders over $100. And below $100 there is flat rate of $6.95.

* Large and repeat count shows the trust of satisfied customers. And not only they provide lowest prices, they provide good service as well.

* The feature I liked on the home page is a "Live chat" box, where you can leave a message and get the answer of your inquiry.

* A very important feature of the site is that JRS Medical, Inc. is a licensed Pharmacy distributor. This Pharmacy License, makes it possible to sell medical supply products, (which other medical sites are not permitted to offer or sell)

* Their product range is very wide including home diagnostics, baby safety, aid to daily living, skin care, vinyl pants and a lot more.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Review: "Kids Health"- A site with health information

"Kids Health" is one of the FREE resource which provides FREE information about kids health, which every parent should know. And as the site provides interactive and very interesting way of kids and teen's health information, it is attractive for kids and teens as well. So parents can provide the site links to their kids or teens.

Kids Health is the largest and most-visited site on the Web providing doctor-approved health information about children from before birth through adolescence.

KidsHealth provides families with accurate, up-to-date, and jargon-free health information they can use. It covers wide array of topics about medical, emotional and developmental issues of children and their families.

Created in 1995 by The Nemours Foundation's Center for Children's Health Media, has been accessed by about half a billion visitors. On a typical weekday, more than 500,000 visitors access KidsHealth's reliable information.

Physicians and other health experts review all content before it's published on KidsHealth. All content is re-reviewed on a regular basis (about every 1 to 3 years, or more frequently if needed). The content on KidsHealth is the equivalent of an 80-volume encyclopedia — and it's growing every week.

Why learning about health is important?

- Learning about health isn't just about medical diseases and conditions. It's also learning about the amazing ways the body works — and how to keep it working in the best way possible.
- It's about normal physical development and stages — and how they can differ from person to person. It's about the emotions and worries almost everyone faces — and how to keep things balanced.
- It's about stress that can interfere with daily life — and what to do to get some help.
- It's about thinking ahead so you can do the things you need to stay healthy — and how to prevent the things that can cause serious problems later on.
- It's about how families function in the good times — and in the bad.
- It's about the joys and challenges of parenting — and what families can do to help their kids and teens travel along the path that's best for them.
- It's about knowing you're not alone. It's about understanding yourself, your friends and family, and the world around you.

Site has 3 seperate areas which provide topic-wise content like as kids, teens and parents.

1- Parent section includes topice about general health, infections, emotions & behaviour, growth and development, nutrition & fitness, medical problems, positive parenting, first aid & safety, doctors and hospitals etc.

2- Kid is an interactive and informative site for kids as well, as there are a lot of health related pages, with a lot of helpful articles.

3- Teens site provides you information about body, mind, sexual health, food and fitness, drugs & alcohol, deiseases & conditions, staying safe and lot more.

- Their forum for more information: Forum

More links for kids health:

* Kids health is from KPBS which is San Diego's premiere source for local news and local events.
Mission: Informs us the importance of childhood nutrition and offers valuable tips for parents to help their children enjoy healthy foods and an active lifestyle.
The site provides valuable information for families through a series of televised spots focusing on tips for healthy eating, creating a healthy eating environment, and steps parents can take to help children maintain a healthy weight.

* Discovery health

"Shopping cart software"- A complete solution for for online selling!

Now online selling from your own site or blog is not a difficult task, as Ashop Commerce provide software solution for beginners or professional users.

shopping cart software is an easy to use web based software. You can built an online store with the help of it.
For professionals it provides an easy solution for online selling, but as beginners or bloggers like us don't have a good experience of web technology or web term, the site has arranged support and advice for this purpose. Moreover you get user manual, tutorial movies alongwith the software, which makes it easy to use.

Some important features of the software are:
- Easy to set up
- No graphic design or HTML knowledge required.
- For layout and design, there are in-built options you may use
- It is fully web optimised so you don't need to look for other softwares to promote your online store.

Thousands of online merchants are already using this award winning software and enjoy selling their products with their site.

* You are provided with a 10 day free trial of shopping cart software. And there is no need of submitting your credit card details. So this trial is 100% FREE with no strings attatched.

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