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Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Smorty"Connecting advertisers and bloggers at one platform

There are many sites which are playing a role of medium between advertisers and bloggers.

According to a survey report from BBc, (Survey of attitude towards blogs), 77% of the respondents thought the regularly updated journals were a useful way to get insights into the products and services they should buy.

It clearly shows that regular blog readers are the main focus of advertisers. As they prefer advertise on blogs in review or link placement way. Bloggers are also happy to be paid for their writings.

This is a very legitimate and simple way of earning from your blog. Even top bloggers are using this way to earn money. You may watch many posts at some blogs, which are not compatible with the topic of the blog, those posts are mostly "sponsored posts" and bloggers is paid a specific amount to do it.

Advertisers are glad, because they get unique audience which at least reads about their site or product. And moreover their link is always alive at that blog. So at a very little cost they get a good advertising opportunity.
* Smorty is one of the get paid to review site, which is fastest paying site among all other sites.

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