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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fasting as a self healing procedure for all!

Fasting is a very safe method of removing toxins from our body and research has proved that fasting in a proper way can be a useful tool to bring health and vigor for you. Mulsims fast for whole month as a religious duty, and it is enough to detoxify their bodies for whole year.
Scientific fasting is the oldest, fastest, and most effective healing method now known to humankind.

FASTING CENTER INTERNATIONAL,INC. is the world's most informative, comprehensive and educational scientific fasting website since 1995.

Fasting Center International has been, World Wide Web's premier site for regaining optimum health, happiness and healing power through the scientific practice of:

1- Fasting to remove unnecessary weight the natural way, plus learning how to keep it off for the rest of your life (please note that half of all Fasting Center International clients, on seven continents, are not fasting to lose weight);

2- Fasting to remove the 5-to-10-lb. inner, toxic waste dump* now polluting the average adult's cell, tissue and organ storage areas (chemical toxins, heavy metals, drugs, uneliminated metabolic wastes, excessive cholesterol and triglycerides in the bloodstream, arterial plaque, intestinal parasites, etc.);

3- Fasting to regain the energy you may previously have enjoyed (perhaps when you were more athletic);

4- Fasting to elevate yourself out of the clouded consciousness most spend their entire life in (unwittingly), up into the stratosphere of human potential;

5- Fasting to heighten mental clarity and all your senses, allowing you to see your life's options in much clearer perspective, and then act upon them wisely;

6- Fasting to enhance your innate wisdom, spirituality, faith and human kindness, and

7- Fasting to move yourself back toward your life's birthright potential of optimal health, increasing your happiness and healing power as you scientifically reset your body's odometer and greatly enhance your quality of life!

Start from this link: How do I start?

- If you are interested in knowing more about the persons who used this self improvement technique to , then go to this link: Fasting Journal

Very useful articles from the site:


Saturday, January 19, 2008

"Net addiction"- A new kind of addiction, symptoms and treatment!

Definition of net addiction:

Internet addiction is currently classified by mental health professionals as an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), a mild to severe mental health condition that results in an urge to engage in ritualistic thoughts and behavior, such as excessive hand washing or, in the case of the Internet, Web surfing.

Another definition: “Internet addiction disorder,” a pathological condition that can lead to anxiety and severe depression.

According to Wikipedia: "Internet addiction disorder" (IAD) is a theorized disorder originally made as a satirical hoax.

"It was Professor Kiesler who called Internet addiction a fad illness. In her view, she said, television addiction is worse. She added that she was completing a study of heavy Internet users, which showed the majority had sharply reduced their time on the computer over the course of a year, indicating that even problematic use was self-corrective.

According to Maressa Hecht Orzack, director of the Computer Addiction Study Center at Harvard University's McLean Hospital, between five and ten percent of Web surfers suffer some form of Web dependency.

According to the Center for Internet Addiction, "Internet addicts suffer from emotional problems such as depression and anxiety-related disorders and often use the fantasy world of the Internet to psychologically escape unpleasant feelings or stressful situations

More articles, tests, quizes and treatment links:

* According to the Stanford University School of Medicine Study, 1 out of 8 Americans suffer from Internet Addiction, 14% of respondents found it hard to abstain from Internet use for several days; 5.9% said excessive Internet use affected their relationships; 8.2% said the Internet was a means of escape from the real world.

* Take a quiz at "Psych They suggest: "Use this brief screening measure to help you determine if you might need to see a mental health or other social services professional to help you successfully deal with "Internet addiction."

Quiz link:"Are You Addicted to the Internet?

* Another test from "Counselling":Internet addiction test

* Mental provides information about Internet Addiction

*  "The more depressed an adolescent is, the more time he or she will spend on the Internet, says researcher Sang Kyu Lee, MD, PhD, professor of psychiatry at Hallym University in Chunchon, Korea. The study shows that about 11% of the teens were "highly addicted to the Internet," Lee says. "Less than one-third were in the no-risk group."
Read full article: Internet Addiction May Mask Teen Depression

* An article at "":
"Between 5% and 10% of Web surfers suffer a Web dependency, according to experts like Maressa Hecht Orzack, director of the Computer Addiction Study Center at Harvard's McLean Hospital. They experience the same cravings and withdrawal symptoms as, say, a compulsive gambler waylaid en route to Vegas. She refers most of her Net-addicted patients to psychiatrists for prescriptions for antidepressants and antianxiety meds."
Read full article:
This Is Your Brain on Clicks

* A very useful and informative article from "New York Times":
Critics Pick Apart Study on Internet and Depression

* "Net" provide an array of educational resources on Internet Addiction for professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds. The site is dedicated to helping people who suffer from this new form of addictive behavior
Take a test at the site: Internet Addiction Test(IAT)

* Saying No to the Net

A senior (psychiatrist) lecturer at Tel Aviv University, Dr. Pinhas Dannon is known worldwide for work in the area of gambling and addiction, a major research focus for him since 1995. He groups internet addiction with other extreme addictive disorders such as gambling, sex addiction and kleptomania.

Two groups are at greatest risk from Internet addiction disorder, Dr. Dannon warns. The first are teenagers. But more surprisingly, the second are women and men in their mid-50s suffering from the loneliness of an “empty nest.” The symptoms of Internet addiction in both groups are vague and are often difficult to diagnose. Sufferers may experience loss of sleep, anxiety when not online, isolation from family and peer groups, loss of work, and periods of deep depression.

Article link:Tel Aviv University Redefines "Internet Addiction" and Sets New Standards for Its Treatment

Friday, January 18, 2008

"Natural Health files" for alternative health advice!

As I believe in alternative health topics, I try to add as many links and resources which might be beneficial for all of us. I don't write only for filling up space at my blod, but my blogs are in real means my online diaries. Sometimes I don't search at internet or for my hard drive disks, I simply log on to my blogs and search for the specific information post or link and get is within seconds.

Natural Health files is dedicated solely to seeking out alternative therapies and herbs that really do work.

Blog was created on April, 2006, but blog has very few posts and one cause may be that she was sick and was on move.

Suzanne Harris is a freelance writer & author, based in the UK. She has written two alternative health books, and have plans for many more.

Review: "Better Caring"- helping you in social care issues!

Internet is providing solutions and resources in every sector, even delivering knowledge-based solutions to the social care sector.

care homes was established by the Stationery Office in 2001. It is a service which helps you prepare for the future so you are properly informed and better able to make decisions when the time arises.

Care homesis a comprehensive care home search engine and a source of vital information on social care.

"Better" offers a searchable database of all registered care homes in the UK - with more than four beds. Their database contains information on more than 20,000 care homes, in all regions of the UK. You can search by location, size and cost and we also provide a response function on each care home so that individuals can help keep others informed about the quality of homes listed.

For more informations: Frequently asked questions

What more you get at this portal?

* Health section provides information on health issues from bed sores to dementia.
* Care search will enable you to search of all registered UK care homes.
* You many get in touch with like-minded people who are looking for better caring, building a community at theirforum

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Buy medicines online at "Online pharmacy"

People prefer to shop online at the comfort of their homes, and as online sales sites are attracting more customers, more shopping opportunities are producing. There is no doubt that it is very affordable and time saving to shop online.

online pharmacy is one of the sites which provides you best lower prices bringing you a wide selection of medicines. Process of ordering is very simple.

How to order?
- Just fill in their medical questionnaire and after selecting the medicine you can submit your order.
- Your order will be reviewed by U. S Licensed Physicians, who can issue your prescription.
- online pharmacy's U. S Licensed Pharmacies will dispense and FedEx your order directly.
- In next days delivery, you get your ordered medicines.

More benefits
- No need to wait for Doctors. The site provides prescription service.
- Just click Live Help button for a live chat session with their customer service staff.
- Payment process is also simple, as they provide you facility of paying with a wide range of credit cards.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

""-Internet's largest health directory for useful links!

Mostly when you search for any health topic at the internet, results show commercial sites mostly. And it is sometimes wasting to time to search at many links for the specific information.

Today's site is internet's largest health directory where you can find links to sites with tipics related to health, diseases and conditions, holistic health, cancer, beauty, fitness, nursing, yoga, healing, weight loss etc.

Health Directory

Health and Medical Directory.

You can save your time by searching at this directory about any health related topic.

There is a lot of browse but at the bottom of the page they have given favorite Category option where you can search for Aerobics , Ayurveda, Birth, Cancer, Diseases and Condition, Herbal, Holistic Health, Nutrients, Supplements, Vitamins. But health related every topic links are present at their directory, either it is about health related softwares, services, diseases and conditions or about

Friday, January 11, 2008

Another proof that wireless technology is a major threat to health!

As in 2 of my previous posts, I have tried to collect and provide information about health hazards due to electric and digital devices including wireless. It was only an effort to bring awareness to peoples using these producds. My today's post is another addition to that awareness campaign.

1- Use of electronic and digital products

2- How mobile phones and other electronic devices

* Here is another story which is published in "this is" on 11th Januarty, news section.
Title is "Wireless technology made me sick" and story is:

"Author Kate Figes, spent hundreds of pounds installing wireless internet in her Stoke Newington home, then found it made her so ill she had to scrap it.

Ms Figes, 49, claims she is so sensitive to wi-fi's electro-magnetic waves she can instantly tell whether it is installed in a particular room

Ms Figes said: "The day we installed wi-fi two years ago was the day I started to feel ill. At first I could not work out what the problem was. I had no idea why I felt so sick and run-down. But I knew that when I walked through the front door it felt like walking into a cloud of poison.

"Imagine being prodded all over your body by 1,000 fingers. That is what I felt when I walked into the house... Then I started to think it might be the wi-fi, so we scrapped it - and I felt better."

She added: "Most people I've spoken are really dismissive, but I don't think they've considered the long-term impact of this technology." The mother-of-two is just one of many people who contacted campaigning group ElectroSensitivityUK about their fears over the harmful effects of wi-fi."

* Link to the story

A "Self help" blog from a medical doctor turned counselor

There are a lot of self help blogs or sites, which provide good content relating to self help, self growth or self development topics. Choice is yours how you want to change your life for better. There are a lot of methods which can be used to take first step in self development process, but I believe first you have to believe that it can happen and self growth or self development is possible. I am here with a review of a blog which is about "self help"

Blog is created by Dr. Martin W. Russell, who is a medical doctor turned counselor. Self help blog

More details at this link

Free information about: Self help sleeping pills

Few useful post links:
* Headaches are caused by

* A foundation for self help

* What you need is "will power"

* Article directory where you can submit your articles link to the directory
* If you have a blog or site, you can submit it atthis link

Guide to reliable health information!

Usually commercial sites provide a lot of health links or informations for internet surfers, but mostly you are bound to see ads on those sites, or with links to their products etc. There are a lot of government or non profit organizations, which provide rich content and reliable information at their sites.

Today's site is Health, which is developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services together with other Federal agencies. is an award-winning Federal Web site, a resource for finding the best government and nonprofit health and human services information on the Internet.

Health and Human Services created this site in 1997. links to carefully selected information and Web sites from over 1,500 health-related organizations.

Sit link: Health

To subscribe for their newsletters and news: link for subscription
More about it:
About the site

For KIDS: Kids—

The kids' section was created in 2000.
KIds site from "" provides manu fun and health links.

- There are dozens of games that are fun and that let you be the detective or the explorer. You can track down bacteria or do a brainteaser. Do a crossword puzzle or find a new recipe. You figure it out! games

- Stop here to see how cool it is to take care of yourself and be as healthy as you can be. Or you might want to see how uncool it is not to take care of yourself. Cool and uncool stuff

- If you want some tips on getting around on the Web, this is a good place to start.Safe surfing tips

Enter some contests and learn something about health at the same time
- Parents

Thursday, January 10, 2008

An inspirational and educational site from a cancer free person!

I always try to select the health related resources and links which are inspirational, informative and empowering at the same time. As a blogger, I am a well informed person about health issues, because I browse the internet and read a lot.

Today's site "Fitness Jumpsite" is an inspirational site, because it is from a cancer survivor, for two years. Vicki Pierson is the creator behind this site and most appealing thing is that it is free of ads. It is totally running by getting donations from the persons who get inspiration from this website.

Fitness Jumpsite provides a lot of information like as:

Fitness library takes you to more link pages and every page has a lot of informative article links:

1- Getting and staying healthy
2- Fitness equipment
3- Managing your weight
4- Nutrition made easy

The Jumpsite! contains information, facts, opinions and recommendations of various individuals and organizations regarding sports, health, fitness and nutrition

Some facts: Did you know?

* 1.4 million Americans are expected to be diagnosed with cancer this year.
* 560,000 Americans are expected to die from cancer this year—that’s more than 1,500 per day!
* Nearly 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will develop cancer in their life time.

Site Link:
Fitness Jumpsite

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