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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fasting as a self healing procedure for all!

Fasting is a very safe method of removing toxins from our body and research has proved that fasting in a proper way can be a useful tool to bring health and vigor for you. Mulsims fast for whole month as a religious duty, and it is enough to detoxify their bodies for whole year.
Scientific fasting is the oldest, fastest, and most effective healing method now known to humankind.

FASTING CENTER INTERNATIONAL,INC. is the world's most informative, comprehensive and educational scientific fasting website since 1995.

Fasting Center International has been, World Wide Web's premier site for regaining optimum health, happiness and healing power through the scientific practice of:

1- Fasting to remove unnecessary weight the natural way, plus learning how to keep it off for the rest of your life (please note that half of all Fasting Center International clients, on seven continents, are not fasting to lose weight);

2- Fasting to remove the 5-to-10-lb. inner, toxic waste dump* now polluting the average adult's cell, tissue and organ storage areas (chemical toxins, heavy metals, drugs, uneliminated metabolic wastes, excessive cholesterol and triglycerides in the bloodstream, arterial plaque, intestinal parasites, etc.);

3- Fasting to regain the energy you may previously have enjoyed (perhaps when you were more athletic);

4- Fasting to elevate yourself out of the clouded consciousness most spend their entire life in (unwittingly), up into the stratosphere of human potential;

5- Fasting to heighten mental clarity and all your senses, allowing you to see your life's options in much clearer perspective, and then act upon them wisely;

6- Fasting to enhance your innate wisdom, spirituality, faith and human kindness, and

7- Fasting to move yourself back toward your life's birthright potential of optimal health, increasing your happiness and healing power as you scientifically reset your body's odometer and greatly enhance your quality of life!

Start from this link: How do I start?

- If you are interested in knowing more about the persons who used this self improvement technique to , then go to this link: Fasting Journal

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