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Friday, January 18, 2008

Review: "Better Caring"- helping you in social care issues!

Internet is providing solutions and resources in every sector, even delivering knowledge-based solutions to the social care sector.

care homes was established by the Stationery Office in 2001. It is a service which helps you prepare for the future so you are properly informed and better able to make decisions when the time arises.

Care homesis a comprehensive care home search engine and a source of vital information on social care.

"Better" offers a searchable database of all registered care homes in the UK - with more than four beds. Their database contains information on more than 20,000 care homes, in all regions of the UK. You can search by location, size and cost and we also provide a response function on each care home so that individuals can help keep others informed about the quality of homes listed.

For more informations: Frequently asked questions

What more you get at this portal?

* Health section provides information on health issues from bed sores to dementia.
* Care search will enable you to search of all registered UK care homes.
* You many get in touch with like-minded people who are looking for better caring, building a community at theirforum

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