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Friday, January 11, 2008

Another proof that wireless technology is a major threat to health!

As in 2 of my previous posts, I have tried to collect and provide information about health hazards due to electric and digital devices including wireless. It was only an effort to bring awareness to peoples using these producds. My today's post is another addition to that awareness campaign.

1- Use of electronic and digital products

2- How mobile phones and other electronic devices

* Here is another story which is published in "this is" on 11th Januarty, news section.
Title is "Wireless technology made me sick" and story is:

"Author Kate Figes, spent hundreds of pounds installing wireless internet in her Stoke Newington home, then found it made her so ill she had to scrap it.

Ms Figes, 49, claims she is so sensitive to wi-fi's electro-magnetic waves she can instantly tell whether it is installed in a particular room

Ms Figes said: "The day we installed wi-fi two years ago was the day I started to feel ill. At first I could not work out what the problem was. I had no idea why I felt so sick and run-down. But I knew that when I walked through the front door it felt like walking into a cloud of poison.

"Imagine being prodded all over your body by 1,000 fingers. That is what I felt when I walked into the house... Then I started to think it might be the wi-fi, so we scrapped it - and I felt better."

She added: "Most people I've spoken are really dismissive, but I don't think they've considered the long-term impact of this technology." The mother-of-two is just one of many people who contacted campaigning group ElectroSensitivityUK about their fears over the harmful effects of wi-fi."

* Link to the story

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