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Saturday, February 2, 2008

A place to share and learn for women "Women's health"

There are a lot of health links and resources at the world wide web, which provide FREE health related information, but I was in search for sites, which are exclusively for women. Because few months earlier, I have to consult a doctor for a very feminine discussion, and then I realized that I should get more information about women's health and related issues.

"Women's health" is web's 1st and only health community, where women can participate absolutely FREE. Women's provides FREE access to Women health library wiht articles and videos, with over 50 support boards.

In their own words:
" has been launched with the idea that women love to help other women achieve the goals that they've always envisioned. Women wake up with new problems, situations, and endeavors every single day. We believe that the best way to help a woman through any situation that their hectic lives may bring is through individual interaction with other women that have worn the same shoes."

Site link: href="">

Women's health message board has 9,818 members with 27,287 Posts.

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