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Friday, April 30, 2010

Take online real age test and tips to stay younger

When you are stress free, happy and physically fit/healthy it reflects from your fact and body structure and you look younger. Many people look younger than their own age due to their body structure or health but adopting a nutritious diet, a healthy lifestyle can make you smarter, and younger looking.

Are you biologically younger, older, or the same age as your calendar age?

'Real Age' offers real age test for free. This online test not only tells you your age comparing with your biological age but it provides a personalized plan to feel younger plus a list of what's making you younger or older. These online tools can help you stay longer and healthier by filling up a questionnaire about your health history.

Mission of 'Real Age' site is to encourage consumers to maximize their health and wellness by making their "RealAge" younger.
It was founded by Dr. Michael Roizen, and Mehmet Oz, MD., coauthors of the best-selling YOU Book series.

The Web site features the patented RealAge Test, taken by more than 27 million people since 1999. The RealAge Test measures the "real age" of the test taker’s body based on a questionnaire pertaining to how well he or she maintains their physical health. Whereas calendar age reflects a consumer’s age since birth, the RealAge Test gauges the physiological age of the body and measures the true rate of an individual’s aging.

The site features over 65 supplementary health-risk evaluations that provide customized results, solutions, and action plans to individual users for free. 
Readers have access to advice, articles, blogs, and  personalized RealAge Plan, all designed to modify or expand lifestyle choices.

You can take the 'RealAge Test' for a personalized plan to help you eat healthier, sleep better, look younger and live longer and  receive helpful health tips and newsletters. 

* 'Real' provides the same 'Real Age Test' for you.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Acupressure therapy for Cervical spondylosis

With the symptoms of a stiff painful neck, my shoulder pain was getting severe with tingling and numbness feeling in my arms. I was feeling uncomfortable as I am an educator and without my right hand I was handicapped. After consulting our family doctor she told me that:

Cervical spondylosis typically affects only the neck, causing pain and stiffness.

Signs and symptoms of cervical spondylosis may include:
* A stiff, painful neck
* Shoulder, arm or chest pain
* Tingling and pinprick sensations in your arms, hands, legs or feet
* Numbness and weakness in your arms, hands, legs or feet
* Lack of coordination
* Difficulty walking
* Abnormal reflexes

I started searching at the internet for acupressure therapy for this health condition. I found some pictures showing the points for acupressure therapy which I am including here along with the link to the original source. I started the pressure therapy at these points about 12 days ago and after 5 days there was a great relief of pain which was spreading from neck toward arms and hands and right now after few days I have only stiff neck and shoulder symptoms left which I hope that I can get relief after few days of therapy.

The people who want to use this free cure systems should check this blog posts about how to apply pressure and search more about this therapy. As there are no side effects of the therapy you are free to adopt this amazing cure system.

Tips for therapy:
- Start applying pressure with applying pressure counting upto 30 or 40 times in the morning and evening.

- Li 4 point is to press at both hands
- GB 20 point should be pressed on both sides of scull.
- GB 21 point is also recommended to press at both sides
- GV 16 is only one point to press

- For first few days you may not feel any relief but continue it 2 or 3 times a day and soon you would feel that the pain which was not easy to cure without pain killer is vanishing without any medicine.

- For first 2 days I have to take pain killer for severe pain, but I realized that I shouldn't be dependent on pain killer medicine and look for alternative therapy.

- I am happy to share my experience with my readers and hope that it would help you get rid of this serious ailment.

Useful links:

Information about cervical spondylosis can be seen at 'Mayo clinic'

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tea - A healthy drink for all

Tea is a popular drink after water and it has become a part of our everyday life. Our morning starts with a morning cup of tea, then without a cup of tea, breakfast is incomplete. Evening snacks are impossible to take without tea and our social gatherings are almost without soul if we don't offer tea to our guests. Simply we are addicted to this drink but are their any health benefits of it?

Tea is a healthy beverage offering many health benefits, (but you have to skip the cream and sugar). The tea with many health benefits is meant to be taken without sugar and milk.

Tea replaces fluids and contains antioxidants so its got two things going for it
Lead author Dr Ruxton

The American Health Foundation recommends 5-6 cups of tea a day, because . . .

• contains 1/3 less caffeine than coffee or cola
• helps reduce fatigue
• maintains mental alertness
• stabilizes fluid levels
• is fat free and calorie free (without milk or sugars)

The antioxidant in tea may help prevent . . . cancers of the mouth, stomach, pancreas, lungs, esophagus, colon, breast and prostate.

The antioxidants in a single cup of tea equal those in one serving of vegetables.

Tea’s flavanoids prevent heart disease by
• reducing blood clotting
• lowering blood pressure
• lowering cholesterol

A study conducted by Harvard University researchers found that those who consumed one or more cups of black tea per day had more than a 40 percent lower risk of having a heart attack compared to non-tea drinkers.

Tea is a rare source of natural fluoride which inhibits growth of the oral bacteria and enzymes responsible for dental plaque.

Tea is also a rich source of manganese, necessary for healthy bones, and of potassium which regulates the heartbeat.

Other valuable vitamins and minerals found in tea include . . . vitamins B1, B2, B6, folic acid, and calcium.

Eating Well Magazine named tea "Beverage of the Year" for its health benefits and mass appeal to consumers searching for an alternative to soft drinks and coffee.

So is tea good for you? You bet it is!
And tea is one of the least expensive beverages available today.

Source: Why drink tea?

Tip: Brew your tea for at least 3 - 5 minutes to bring out the beneficial polyphenols.

Most posts:

* A report at BBC news says: Drinking three or more cups of tea a day is as good for you as drinking plenty of water and may even have extra health benefits, say researchers.
link: Tea 'healthier' drink than water

* Health Benefits of Tea

* Experts explain green tea's potential benefits for everything from fighting cancer to helping your heart. Health Benefits of Green Tea

* 'Green tea health benefits'

* A PDF report from Tea association of Canada: 'How to make a perfect cup?'

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Causes and cure for frozen shoulder syndrome

Office and computer workers often feel nimbleness and pain in their arms or shoulders. Whatever the cause may be, shoulder pain and stiffness is a serious health condition which needs your immediate attention. I am also suffering from stiff neck and shoulder pain problems and this post or series of posts is the result of search for information for my personal use and share with blog readers. I hope that the information I have collected from many sources would help you stay aware and conscious about shoulder related problems.

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome is an extremely painful and debilitating condition characterized by pain and stiffness of the shoulder. Frozen Shoulder Syndrome affects 2-5% of 40-70 year olds. The effects of this condition can be devastating, resulting in months of pain and misery and years of stiffness and disability. There is currently no evidence that conventional treatments including anti-inflammatory drugs, steroid injections, physiotherapy and even surgery reduce the duration of this condition.


The shoulder becomes stiff or stuck anywhere between 48 hours to 4 weeks from the initial pain – if your shoulder is not ‘stuck’ you may not have a true frozen shoulder. Many people are forced to give up work, as a result of the pain and stiffness that commonly persist for many years. Recent studies indicate that even after seven years 70% of sufferers still have some persistent disability.

'Frozen Shoulder'

Useful resources:
'Doctor Gordon Cameron' at 'Joint Enterprise' offers useful information about 'Frozen Shoulder and Shoulder Pain'

Cure for frozen shoulder:

For 95 percent of people who suffer from frozen shoulder, the stiffness and immobility is totally reversible through stretching exercises, but during recovery the following treatments are used to encourage healing:

* Limit activity--limit overhead positioning, reaching, and lifting. These restrictions can be eliminated as pain decreases and flexibility increases.
* Pain relief medication—Acetaminophen or a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug like ibuprofen can be used to manage pain.
* 10-15 minutes of moist heat—Apply before exercising. Helps get tissues ready for stretching. You can achieve this by taking a warm shower or bath or by using a heating pad with a moist towel. The least effective moist heat application is heating a moist towel in the microwave. If you choose to try this application, be aware that microwave intensity varies, so be careful not to burn yourself.

* Exercises for Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

* Exercises for Frozen Shoulder at 'Love to know'

* 'Best exercises for frozen shoulder at 'YouTube'

Free download of ebook:

Shoulder expert Doctor Gordon Cameron has created an 83 page illustrated frozen shoulder survival guide and it is available for free download. Doctor Gordon Cameron says:

" 70 percent of people with frozen shoulder are convinced they will never get better because they just can't find the treatment they need "

"Shoulder Pain Survival Guide" deals with everything from quick fix remedies - right through to natural treatment strategies for those who don't like to take painkillers or joint injections.

'Download page'

My next article is about stiff neck, frozen shoulder treatment with acupressure.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Acupressure therapy and healing from stiff neck pain

Stiff or painful neck could be due to wrong sleeping posture or related to working at computer for long hours. Serious condition of stiff neck is related to muscular injury or ruptured disk.

The natural remedies in conjunction with medical care may help relieve neck pain, according to some health professionals.

Stimulation of an acupressure point on the back of the hand may provide relief for neck pain. The acupressure point, when stimulated, may release endorphins (chemicals) in the brain which have a pain relief effect similar to morphine. The stiff neck acupressure point is located on the back of the hand, between the bones in the depression behind the knuckles of the first and middle finger.

If the pain is on the left side of the neck, use the right hand acupressure point. Similarly, if the pain is on the right side of the neck, use the left hand acupressure point.

See Your Medical Doctor When...
•You have recurring neck pain or pain that lasts for more than three days.
•You have neck pain after a fall or an accident.
•Your neck pain runs down your arms or legs.

For details: Acupressure point for stiff neck pain relief

YouTube video: How to relieve stiff neck with acupressure by yourself:

 Useful links and resources:

* Download free report 'Acupressure self help neck' 

* 'Neck Solutions'

* 'Stiff neck exercises'

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