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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Avoid refind sugar to keep you safe from acne

Refinded sugar which is a main part of our food including bread, is not good for diabetic patients and most of them rely on sugar alternative or sugar free products. But it is now believed that there is a link between use of sugar and acne (skin disease)

Recent studies have shown that what matters may not be sugar itself but a food’s glycemic index, or the speed and extent to which it raises blood glucose levels. Foods that have a high glycemic index — and as a result raise glucose levels rapidly — cause the body to release a flood of insulin and other hormones, which some scientists suspect can stimulate oil production and inflame the skin.

To test the theory, scientists recruited 50 men and boys ages 15 to 25, all of them with acne, and followed their progress for 12 weeks. Some subjects stuck to a typical diet that included high-glycemic foods like white bread, sweetened cereals and pasta, and the others were given foods higher in protein and lower on the glycemic scale, like fish, whole-grain breads and fruit.

At the end of the study, published in 2007, the subjects on the low-glycemic diet had far greater reductions in skin lesions and other symptoms of acne than the control group. They also showed reductions in their levels of free, circulating androgens, the male hormones known to cause acne, suggesting that hormones played a role.

Other studies have found similar connections between high-glycemic foods and acne, though scientists say more research is needed.

There is some evidence that foods high in sugar can worsen acne.

Link to the original article: 'NY Times'

More about the topic:

'Dietary interventions using low–glycemic load carbohydrates may have therapeutic potential in the treatment of acne because of the beneficial endocrine effects of these diets. Low–glycemic load diets are associated with a reduced risk for type 2 diabetes, and dietary interventions using low–glycemic load carbohydrates improve insulin sensitivity.

Furthermore, a large-scale intervention has demonstrated that diets rich in low–glycemic load foods reduced serum testosterone and fasting glucose levels while improving insulin metabolism and increasing concentrations of SHBG. These endocrine changes are consistent with those known to promote normal follicular cell proliferation and to reduce sebum production.

It is possible that low–glycemic load diets may have therapeutic potential in reducing symptoms of acne, a disease virtually unknown to the Aché and Kitavans.'

Link: 'Archives of Dermatology'

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Depression or anxiety is curable

Anxiety and depressions are the gifts of new age. Competition for success, career and comfortable life is bringing everyone towards a stage where we are constantly living at an anxiety level which is mostly harmful for us. Depression can effect the humans of all ages. Life revolves around a cycle of joys and sorrows, but at the time of pain, loss or sorrow we usually find ourselves in deep shocks of depression. Depression is really life threatening when depressed persons start making their lives isolated and

Check if you have these symptoms:

- Muscle aches and pains
- Sleeplessness
- Anxiety and mood swings
- Inability to focus on the task at hand
- Irritability
- Withdrawal from friends, family and their favorite activities.

If you feel that you you cannot make your feeling or thinkings go away and this stage of depression is pulling you towards life threatening problems then you need to search for depression information.

Long Term Drug Treatment is the solution for serious depression, but it can actually save your or your beloved one's life. Like diabetes, heart disease, or any other medical condition, clinical depression is an illness that should be treated by a mental health professional or physician.

The worst risk of depression or anxiety is that effected individuals easily become addict. This situation needs proper treatment. Long term drug rehab is being used to treat addiction to any kind of drugs including heroin, alcohol, crystal meth, cocaine, gambling, marijuana, and prescription pain killers.

Depression affects approximately 19 million Americans, or 9.5% of the population in any given one-year period. At some point in their lives, 10%-25% of women and 5%-12% of men will likely become clinically depressed. In fact, it affects so many people that it is often referred to as the "common cold" of mental illness. It is estimated that depression exacts an economic cost of over $30 billion each year, but the cost of human suffering cannot be measured. Depression not only causes suffering to those who are depressed, but it also causes great difficulty for their family and friends who often do not know how to help.

You can find Depression Treatment Centers in your areas easily.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Drink enough water to keep you safe from back pain

Water is the most important nutrient which we need to live healthy. We all know the bad effects of dyhydration for health but dehydration can worsen your back pain as well. It is strange to hear that water can help you overcome your back pain easily and naturally but it is true.

Low back pain and ankylosing arthritis of the spine are signs of water shortage in the spinal column and discs - the water cushions that support the weight of the body. These conditions should be treated with increased water intake - not a commercial treatment, but a very effective one.

Effects of disc dehydration on back pains:
Like most other body systems, the discs in the back require lots of water to work properly. The body must be well hydrated for water to leave other vital areas, like circulation or the brain & enter the discs. Our body weight is supported by 23 discs & 24 vertebrae along the spinal column.

The discs, in addition to other parts of the spinal column, hold water which stabilizes them & allow them to support body weight. When the weight press squeezes out water from the disc and the water is not replaced disc dehydration occurs. Dehydrated discs are then less able to support body weight.

Dehydration & sciatica:
Dehydrated discs become less stable. So they start to shift in the spine. Eventually they press on the sciatic nerve causing intense, radiating pain, pain that is often felt down one or the other leg.
Sciatic pain is the more serious phase of disc dehydration. It is also a sign of impending chronic pain.

As disc dehydration continues, problem is increasingly exacerbated. Here too, the typical back pain guide fails to include dehydration as involved in the development of sciatica.

In addition to dehydration’s involvement in back problems, muscles that aren’t properly conditioned can result in serious back problems.

Well-developed, flexible back muscles help the spinal column absorb shock and help keep the discs stable during stressful movements.

Our bodies are more than half water. We must replace, on the average 80 to 96ounces of water per day that is used or lost by respiration, urination, and perspiration. We can get some water by eating foods that are high in water. but most of our water will come from drinking eight to ten cups of water per day.

Source: Back pain guide

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tips to keep you safe from back pain

Working for long hours beside computers at home or at office is a part of our life but if we don't care about our sitting posture, we can get back or shoulder pain. I am one of those people who work for whole day (half day teaching and sitting for some intervals at chair and half day in front of computer) resulting in aching back and shoulders. I am not alone with these symptoms:

- Every year, 100’s of Millions of people suffer from back pain.
- Between 2 - 6 million Americans suffer serious back pain every year.

At some point in their lives, 4 out of 5 adults will suffer a pain severe enough to warrant medical care.
For many years, surgery was often performed on sufferers. However, surgery has come to be increasingly viewed as ineffective and unneccesary.

Back pain can arise from a number of conditions. The symptoms generally are sharp pain or numbness most often occurring in the lower back or neck causing reduced function and mobility. Common causes can be strained muscle/ligament as a result of lifting or awkward movements or a herniated disk that applies pressure to a nerve. But the prevention is the best way to keep away from this discomfort condition.

The University of Maryland Medical Center has provided these tips to help you safe from back pain:

TIPS to keep you safe from back pain
- Pay attention to your posture, whether you're standing or sitting. Make sure your ears, shoulders and hips all line up.

- Avoid standing for long periods. If you must stand, use a stool and alternate resting each foot on it.

- Wear comfortable, cushioned shoes without heels if you walk a lot.

- Choose a straight-backed, adjustable chair with armrests and a swivel seat for your desk chair.

- Prop your feet up below your desk, so your knees are elevated above your hips.

- Roll up a towel or place a pillow at your lower back while sitting at your desk.

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* Back pain treatment

* provides information about back pain.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Affordable software solution at 'Phase 2'

Software management has become so easy process that you don't need a computer or IT expert to deal with business of office dealings. Most of the software programs are created in a way that it automatically can host all the related concerns for the tasks. team foundation server hosting would enable you to manage your visual studio projects and recources.

You can ask why phase 2 and simple answer is that it is the cheapest option among all the available softwares. You get the free support from the site. team foundation server price package includes setup fee and training is included with the program. All new versions of the software and hardware upgrades are included in the monthly cost.
- There is no capital requirement for the software procurement, hardware procurement, professional services to install the systems, and no upgrade costs.
- You get the 30 day money back guarantee. which means that if this application doesn't meet your needs they would refund your money.
- You get the customer support from 9am - 9pm EST for free which includes password issues, questions about functionality, customization , design suppot etc.
For more information:

- team foundation server pricing

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