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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Learn about yoga and acupressure at - Head First Yoga

I love to read personal blogs with valuable stuff, because these kind of blogs consist posts based on blogger's own thoughts, ideas or experience. I have been practicing yoga for a long time and after quitting this useful practice, I am now addict to meditation which is satisfying and relaxing for me.

'Head First Yoga' is a personal blog from Nilendu Bhattacharya who has keen interest in Yoga and practicing it for more than 8 years. He does it to get confidence and peace.

He has good knowledge of Acupressure which he believes that it is cheapest and most easy healing technique. Professionally he is a Software Product Manager at a local company.

His blog 'Head First Yoga' is about yoga, but there are valuable posts about acupressure therapy. He is a practicing yogi and acupressures and it is clearly shown from his articles. He has written articles on the basis of his own experience.

Few acupressure related posts are:
  • Treating Headache with Acupressure
  • Acupressure and Home Remedy tips For Ear Pain
  • Treat Leg Pain with Acupressure
These posts not only explain the pressure points but he has given pictures as well.

Aim:(In his own words)

'My Purpose is to spread the knowledge of Yoga and Acupressure so that people can attain healthy body and mind in natural way.
My motto is You should Choose what you Want to Achieve and go after that.'

He hosts another blog 'Pactips' where he talks about Goals, Lifestyle and Money.

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