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Thursday, August 26, 2010

'Daily Strength' - A place to share and support each other

After the huge success of 'Facebook' 'Hi5' and related community/networking sites, there are more sites coming with the same or different theme. 'DailyStrength' is also an online community site with a difference.

"DailyStrength is a social networking website where users provide one another with emotional support by discussing their struggles and successes with each other."

The site contains online communities that deal with different medical conditions or life challenges. As of November 4, 2007, DailyStrength has created over 500 support groups focused on issues such as depression, divorce, parenting, and a wide variety of cancers.

The site is free for members. The site provides members with continual support as someone is always available to talk. Medical professionals are also available to contact and treatments for a variety of illnesses and problems are also listed on the site.

The users are asked to describe medical and psychological treatments they have undergone. They indicate what conditions those treatments were for, whether they were effective and provide a narrative about the experience. That information is then aggregated by condition and treatment – so it’s easy to see what a large number of people have done in response to a condition or what it’s really like to undergo a certain treatment.

Have you been thinking about using Lexapro? Out of 58 people who have used it on DailyStrength, only 45% found it helpful. That’s interesting information, presuming the complainers aren’t employees of a competing drug company or PR firm.
The discussion and support function is likely to prove quite valuable to users as well.
There are 25,000 treatments in the database. Each treatment and condition has a discussion space, syndicated Yahoo! news and an excerpt from the Wikipedia entry on the subject.

The company pays four medical doctors to participate on the site and DailyStrength is careful to advise against or delete medical recommendations posted by users. It is a good way for patients to educate themselves before and after visiting a medical office.

The site also has a resources section where you can find, for example, a long list of user contributed recipes for gluten free food.

The site is primarily targeting women,  prime audience for social networks

  Site link: 'Daily' 

Currently, DailyStrength is operated by some very passionate and dedicated people that get great satisfaction knowing that site can be a positive force for everyone who faces challenges in their lives.

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