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Thursday, February 23, 2012

History of the holy zamzam water

The holy water zamzam is very special for muslims. The history of this amazing natural water is also interesting. This post helps you learn about history of this holy water zamzam.

The holy Zamzam water is linked to some of the most important personalities in world history: the Prophets Ibrahim and Ismail (peace be upon them) and Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), as well as Ismail's mother Hajira (may Allah be pleased with her).

 According to Islamic tradition, Prophet Ibrahim (a.s.) rebuilt the Bait-ul-Allah (House of Allah) at the site of the well, a building which had been originally constructed by Prophet Adam (a.s.), and today is called the Kaaba (Qiblah), a building towards which all Muslims around the world face in prayer, five times each day.

All traditions agree that Allah (SWT) created the well to provide Hajira, the wife of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him), and her baby Prophet Ismail (peace be upon him) with water in the hot, dry valley they were in, around the year 2000 BC. Centuries ago, Bibi Hajra A.S. searched desperately for water in the hills of Saffa and Marwa to give to her newly born son Hazrat Ismail A.S. As she ran from one place to another in search of water, her child rubbed his feet against the sand. A pool of water surfaced, and by the grace of Allah Ta'ala, shaped itself into a well which came to be called Zamzam water.        

Zamzam well is located approximately 20 meters east of the Kaaba. Zamzam well is located in Makkah, which is the heart of the Hajj pilgrimage. Zamzam well is 35 meters deep and topped by an elegant dome. The miracle water of Zamzam is still flowing until today.

The Well of Zamzam is a well located within the Masjid al Haram in Makkah, 20 meters east of the Kaaba, the holiest place in Islam.

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