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Monday, February 13, 2012

Get relief from aching legs and sleep tight with easy acupressure therapy

Tired, aching or heavy legs is a common symptom and complaint. You may get a good night sleep using a simple acupressure tool for few minutes before going to bed.

The tingling, aching, and itching of restless legs syndrome is usually worse at night and can prevent you and your partner from getting the sleep you need. Aching legs at night can cause serious discomfort and can give you sleepless nights for a prolonged period.

In recent years, experts have discovered better ways to manage and relieve symptoms of restless leg syndrome (RLS).

Get relief from aching legs with acupressure therapy:
The best home and natural remedy which I use to get relief from leg ache is use of acupressure tool which is called 'foot roller'. The foot roller I personally use is made of wood.
Getting self acupressure therapy with this foot roller is easy and effective.

How to use foot roller?
Press your foot over the Wooden Foot Roller for 5-10 minutes on a daily basis to warm your leg and see instant relief from a variety of problems

This treatment is both convenient and pain free, and there are NO side affects. To begin with you may experience a slight tingling sensation. This is because the skin on the soles and palms of your feet and hands are sensitive. This sensation will soon pass but if you prefer, you could wear socks on your feet to reduce this sensation.
SOLES OF FEET: - Roll each foot, at a time, on the roller while seated on a chair or sofa. Each foot is to be rolled, for a maximum of five minutes, beginning from the tips of the toes to end of the heel. Medium pressure is to be exerted while rolling.
PALMS OF HANDS: - Hold the roller in both hands so that the pointed tips on the roller presses along the whole of the palms and fingers. Press intermittently on the roller for a maximum of two minutes only.Both these exercises can be repeated three or four times daily. It should not be used within one hour of taking meals nor, on the feet, whilst you are standing. You should continue to use the roller daily even if the pain has subsided.

Call your health care provider if:
The painful leg is swollen or red

  • You have a fever
  • Your pain gets worse when you walk or exercise and improves with rest
  • You are on medications that may be causing leg pain. DO NOT stop taking or change any of your medicines without talking to your doctor.

    Medical treatment, healthy lifestyle changes, and even simple stretches and home remedies can help you quiet your restless legs and enjoy a refreshing night’s sleep. 

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