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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Get online support for your diet plan

It is always better to get advice and suggestion about your health concerns and diet plan. If you are worried about your weight gain and don't know where to start checking your calorie intake or plan to start exercise to make you fit, then internet provides lots of helpful information regarding weight loss or diet. 'Calorie Connect' is one of those sites which offers free information about supporting you with your diet plan.

'Calorie Connect' is an online utility based site which helps you to maintain your diet while providing you nutrient and calorie information from your foods.

It offers interactive personal nutrition and exercise information health conscious people need to make positive choices about their physical health and well being.

Mission: 'People can achieve and maintain a healthy physical lifestyle by accurately recording their diet and exercise information, and then acting positively to improve their numbers until they reach their wellness goals. To assist people in their quest to achieve their goals we have created a service that is statistically detailed while also being user-friendly. By regularly accessing their personalized pages on the Calorie Connect website our members can see at a glance if they are hitting their nutrition and exercise targets.'

How the site helps you?

You get detailed food consumption information, exercise data, and personalized charts and tables

You get detailed personal analysis on the calories you consume and burn. Their nutrition and profile pages help our you keep track of fourteen essential nutrients. Their xercise page allows you to record exercise activities and to assess progress towards weekly and monthly goals. At last you get the report containing detailed nutrient and exercise information.

The best thing about the site:
Calorie Connect membership is free. There are no fees or hidden costs for accessing any part of the Calorie connect website.

To become a member you need to provide some information like your height, weight, sex, and age data to create a personal profile.

Start from here: Calorie Connect

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