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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Get a free handwriting analysis

Your handwriting can reveal your character and in other words it can help you knowing yourself or others to achieve personal growth. Self awareness is the way to judge your own self as well as others which can guide you to make balanced decisions during life time.

Graphology is the study of handwriting and by highlighting your character traits graphology may provide you with a new direction in life.

If you can face up to your strengths and weaknesses, honestly and objectively, you can lay the foundations for more understanding relationships with others, both in your personal life, and at work.

Many aspects of your personality will be known to you but responses to people and situations are complex, often made below the level of conscious awareness. If you can appreciate why you feel and react as you do it is possible to reach a level of inner harmony.

'Online handwriting analysis'

Confucius, who wrote: "Beware of the man whose writing sways like a reed in the wind." The first extensive work on handwriting analysis dates to 1622, when an Italian physician named Camillo Baldi published A Method to Recognize the Nature and Quality of a Writer from His Letters. In this book, Baldi stated the fundamental premise that continues to guide handwriting analysis today: "It is obvious that all persons write in their own peculiar way 'Characteristic forms' cannot be truly imitated by anybody else." In other words, like snowflakes, every person's writing is unique.

Useful links: 'British Institute of Graphologists'

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