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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Have an online family doctor for your health needs

If you search the net for health related information, there are many health related sites where you can look for all the related terms or information.

Do you think that still you are more comfortable having chat with your family doctor about any kind of health problem or information?

But 'Organized Wisdom' claims to fulfill this need of 'having a doctor in the family' where you can find all online information which your family doctor can provide you or suggest you.

'Organized Wisdom' provides search results for the most popular health search terms and phrases without the clutter, redundant links or index spam typically found in search engines. Site is user friendly and getting the specific information about any topic is easy.

- is the first expert-guided search service for health.

- WisdomCards feature the Top 10 online resources on more than 100,000 health topics and are updated regularly by physicians and search guides.

- OrganizedWisdom was named to PC Magazine's list of Top Websites of 2008.

It is an organized effort of physicians to collect the world’s best health wisdom from across the Web and provide it via 'Organized Wisdom'

They say:

'Our innovative publishing platform has become the most authoritative way to help people find the best online health information. The site's expert-curated content, called WisdomCards, organizes "The Top 10" online health resources on more than 100,000 health topics. WisdomCards are updated regularly by physicians and expert guides. Click here to visit our most popular health centers and learn more.'

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