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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bring a change in your life for better health

'Change 4 Life' helps you bring change in your life for better health. You would be able to get helpful information, tools and tips at the site.

How it helps us change our life to better?

The movement will help to make behaviors around diet and physical activity more high profile and will provide accessible, friendly and encouraging support to implement changes.

There are 8 healthy behaviors that can help you live a better life:

The site suggests:

1. Swapping food and drink with added sugar for options that are lower in sugar or sugar-free. We're calling this ‘sugar swaps’.
2. Making sure kids eat at least five portions of a variety of fruit and veg every day. We're using the name that parents are already familiar with: 5 A DAY.
3. 2.3 Making time for regular meals to help avoid unhealthy eating habits. We're calling this ‘meal time’.
4. Setting a limit on the number of snacks and treats kids have each day. We're calling this ‘snack check’.
5. Making sure kids eat the right sized portions for their age and size. We're calling this ‘me size meals’.
6. Taking simple steps to eat less fat by comparing food labels, swapping certain foods for others and changing the way food is cooked and prepared. We're calling this ‘cut back fat’.
7. Making sure kids do at least 60 minutes of physical activity - like playing outside, walking or swimming - every day. We're calling this ‘60 active minutes’.
8. Limiting ‘sitting down’ activities, like watching TV or playing computer games, and encouraging kids to do something more active. We're calling this ‘up and about’.

These all behavior changes are sure ways to bring change in our lifestyle and

The site provides all the stuff for free and registration is also free for all so let's make our life more meaningful and healthier by bringing change in our lives.

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