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Friday, August 15, 2008

How to stimulate creativity?

If you want to stimulate creativity within you, then you should learn about how brain works. The more we use our brain, more we can be creative or intelligent. But we need to know how to stimulate the skills we have.

How brain works?
Brain actually uses different parts for different types of thought processing.
- The 'now' brain
One part of our brain does a fantastic job busily working away on all of our current tasks, but this is not always the best with coming up with new ideas or problem solving.
- Creative brain
Another part of the brain processes the more complicated or creative thoughts and this tends to process away without any conscious effort. So without realising it, our brain is actually working hard for us on all sorts of ideas. All we need to do is take the time to listen.

The real key to creative thinking is to find ways to turn down the busy 'now' processing part of the brain, which tends to shout over and block the creative part of the brain. This explains why so many of our problem solving ideas come at rather random moments.

Tips helping you listen to your creative brain.

1. Take a shower
Don’t rush, but let the hot water wash away any limitations to thinking freely. This is where I get all my best ideas.
2. Go for a long run or walk
Go at a steady pace and let your mind do the rest.
3. Get a massage
Close your eyes and let your imagination float while your “quiet” massage therapist works away.
4. Yoga
This really stretches and relaxes the body but is really good for unwinding the mind.
5. Talk, talk, talk
Talking things through can be a great way to untangle the knots inside your head. Find a great listener.
6. Listen
Take time out and just listen to other people. This can be at work, in the street or anywhere. Ideas are often found floating on the wind.
7. Stop!
Just stop what you are doing, leave it and go do something completely different for a while.
8. Meditate
Great for turning off the world and opening yourself to new possibilities.
9. Go for a long swim
The repetitive nature is really great for freeing the mind.
10. Go home and sleep on it
A new day with new energy and new ideas.

Problem solving skills-ten ways to stimulate creativity

Doodling is a way to stimulate creativity. Doodles are fun and effective creative thinking exercises.

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Boosting Creativity

- 10 Creative Myths
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