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Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Finger Tips" - A blog about Message Therapy

I have personally learned "Massage Therapy" basics from an accupressure consultant and noticed the benefits of massage therapy myself. I have plan to write more about "Shiatsu", "Accupressure", or "Massage therapy" because this system offers the free treatment of any ailments. I use massage or acupressure therapy myself for common sickness and found it really effective.

Today I am here with a review of a blog "Finger Tips" which is written by a practicing, nationally certified licensed massage therapist, and offers tips, pointers and information about improved health and wellness. Massage therapy news and insights are also covered.

Few article links:
- How Snoozing Makes You Smarter

- The Endocrine System

- Tennis Ball as Pressure Point Accessory

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