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Thursday, July 26, 2007

When a journalist devoted his life for a volunteer purpose!

This is a true story of a journalist who left his profession, fame, career and everything which was a milestone for his success, just for a cause.
He is not a doctor or a health practitioner, but he is providing research based alternative cure for all diseases. He has been deeply involved in spreading the nature cure system called acupressure, on volunteer basis.

It began about 5 years ago, when Sagar Sagir, a journalist
working for some leading newspaper agencies became sick. For a long time he was suffering from indigestion, but there was no sign of improvement. As he felt a severe pain in abdomen, and it prolonged for few hours. There was no evidence of any abnormality in his reports. He was tired of consulting all the leading practitioners of the country and listening the same words, “your reports are normal”

He decided to go to the neighboring country India, for treatment. There he was told to have ultrasound or x-ray, when he felt the pain. He waited there for the time, when the abdomen pain would occur, and during his stay, he went to a bookstore. Just looking around he saw a book with the title “Health in your hands”, it was about shiatsu or acupressure.

From few years, he was thinking seriously about his sickness, and his questions were, why we become sick, how to cure from it and is there any prevention from the illness. He asked these questions to some doctors, but there were no satisfactory answers. Having a look at few pages of the book, he asked the shopkeeper, “Are these kinds of books effective? ------Is there any reality in what is said in this book?”

Shopkeeper asked him to show his hand and after pressing at some points asked him,” Are you suffering from serious abdomen problem?” Sagar watched surprisingly towards the book seller, as leading practitioners, modern diagnostic methods were applied to diagnose his ailment. But a person without any tool, any degree could tell the same diagnoses result by examining his hands. The shopkeeper suggested him to read the book, implement it and said that this book is enough for cure of any disease.

Sagar decided to leave for his home land without taking any treatment. He came back and started treating his sickness according the rules and techniques told in the book, and it is now 5 years, he never looked back again. Not only he could cure himself, his only daughter, who was suffering from chronic asthma was also cured by this treatment. He got training courses from the author of that book, directly going to Mumbai and Calcutta. He decided to do something on volunteer basis for humanity. His aim is to spread this therapy as a self help system, and take the benefits of nature cure.

Right now he has established a research and diagnostic center, where at a time; people are diagnosed, given acupressure therapy from a trained staff of about 35 persons. The main purpose of this centre is to train everyone to learn these techniques to cure one selves, and the fee is very nominal, only enough to cover salaries of the staff.

I asked Sagar about the success rate for ailment cure and prevention. He told me that most of the suffering persons come here with serious problems, which were partially or not cured from ordinary medial procedures. The success rate of curing chronic and prolonged diseases when having therapy at the centre was around 70% to 80% or more. Number of persons consulting the centre is about 35 to 40, among which most of the people get the therapy training and do it at their own. Patients coming to the centre are between the ages of 20 to 40 years.
Institutionally this is the first establishment at Bangladesh, where ancient acupressure therapy is successfully applied with the aim that everybody should learn this wonderful way to heal their selves.

You can get more information at search engines, and may be getting helpful books could give you some knowledge of this therapy which is very easy to apply, as you need nothing for diagnosis or treating yourself. Your fingers or thumbs are the best tools for use in this therapy. This therapy has no side effects, so it is harmless.

But a few more things are to be noticed. When you are going to use this natural system of healing yourself, you should also take some measure about your diet, eating habits. And most of all you should have some positive attitude to increase the speed of your cure towards health and longevity.

Sagar was emphasizing on the fact that Islam is a nature based religion, and if Muslims follow the simple manners, rules and regulation according to their religious teachings, this therapy can do miracles for them.

Here are few guidelines for prevention of illness:

1- Come close to nature. These therapies help nature to cure us, so be helpful in following rules of nature to get cured.

2- Be tension free. Depression, anxiety or tension is the base of very critical and chronic diseases.

3- In this fast age, we eat in a hurry and it has become our routine. Chewing our every bite properly and slowly can prevent us from many diseases, i.e diabetes is one of them.
Read this amazing article "5 Poweful Reasons to Eat Slower":
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In my next article, I am giving some basic information about acupressure, how we can learn it easily, and implement it to get cure from our ailments. So keep checking the blog!


  1. Would you please inform the contact information of Mr. Sagar Sagir?

  2. Right now I don't have his contact number but may be this recent link would help you to get in touch: 'Popularise acupressure'


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