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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Review of a self understanding and personal development site!

2 Know myself is launched a few months ago, and becoming one of the top 5,000 websites on the web through providing content that can drastically change people's lives is their mission.

What is this website about?

In their own words:
"*This website was intended for the people who don’t want to give up when life gives them a hard time.

* The human being is the ultimate machine, if you know how to use it well; you will be able to take control of your life instead of letting it control you.
* You will be able to succeed under any conditions and you will be able to live a happy life.

* This website aims to help you better understand yourself. The content on this website will guide you through developing yourself in order to get the best out of life and achieve your goals

The site provides you tons of information, and it was difficult for me to mention what is special at this site. They have forum at their site, where you can discuss self development topics or your problems. And I like to participate these kind of forums because it is a place where you would get something useful, may be some advice, may be some words of inspiration which can change your life.

After logging in to the site, it took many hours to browse, because to me topics are so appealing that it was difficult to divert my attention. Some of the titles are:

Learn body language, graphology (handwriting Analysis), goal setting, hypnosis, time management, how to be successful in life etc. There is another drop down list about the problems, like as lack of self confidenc, anxiety, depression and many more.

I am linking my post to one of their articles, quoting few words from the article:
Dr Emoto's experiment, The Power of Words:

"Around 70% of your body is formed of water", everybody knows this fact.
Dr Emoto made some tests on samples of four glasses of water.

First glass is a picture showing molecular structure of a normal glass of water,

Beside second glass, some prayer was done loudly,

Beside third glass this phrase was repeated "you make me sick",

And beside fourth glass, some heavy metal was played.

These pictures are showing molecular structure of the water. Difference is that first picture is normal water and others are taken after saying some words, or playing heavy metal music, the change in molecular structure is noticeable.
For full article: The power of words

I hope that people like me, would think about it again and again, how much we are careless about the words we utter from our mouth even thinking about the after effects of our sayings.

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