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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Prefer organic foods to keep you healthy

Fertilizers are used to feed the plant, but as a result plant cannot create more "favonoid". Increased fruit and vegetable intake keeps you safe from cardiovascular diseases.

Flavonoids are antioxidants and are believed to help protect from demetia and some kind of cancer. And another big benefit is to resuce blood pressure.

According to a ten years study from the Universtiy of California, Dr. Alyson Mitchell and her team found that organically grown tomatoes contained twice as many flavonoids, as compare to regularly produced tomatoes. And in this experiment no fertilizers were used to feed the plant.

Organic keeps your heart healthier

Richard Wilde from the The Environmental Working Group in Washington suggested buying organically grown apples and other susceptible fruits to reduce the effect. He also added: "Eat your fruits and vegetables, just like your mom told you---but just try and do so in a way that lowers the potential number of pesticides."

A recent study at Cornell University has produced results that the apple peel contains several compounds that when they work in unison actually has cancer inhibiting properties and can even kill cancer cells.
Despite the proven fact of apple peels nutrient content the same peel also contains a large amount of pesticides; up to 12 varieties, A few of the pesticides are toxic and are not all removed by washing the apple.

So eat a lot of fruits/vegetables but try to get organic, as it can provide you nutrition value and protects you from diseased.


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