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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Use of electronic and digital products causing health problems

Use of electronic products is enormously increasing, but as research is showing there are some bad effects of regular use of these products. I am quoting here 2 reports about the use of laptop and mobile phones, as these are the favorites of young generation.

I just want you to bring awareness about  risk involved at frequent use of these useful devices.

According to report "Dr. Yefim Sheynkin, an associate professor of urology at SUNY--Stony Brook told Reuters, "the increase in scrotal temperature is significant enough to cause changes in sperm parameters. It is very difficult to predict how long the computer can be used safely. It may not be at all, if the testicular temperature goes up high within a very short period of time."

Particularly at risk, says Sheynkin, are younger men, especially if they use a laptop computer several times a day over the course of time. "Long-term use may have a detrimental effect on their reproductive health," he said.
To arrive at these conclusions, Sheynkin recruited 29 healthy volunteers between the ages of 21 and 35 to determine what kind of effect using a laptop computer had on scrotal temperature.
The volunteers’ scrotal temperatures rose over two degrees centigrade when the laptop computers were merely placed on the volunteers’ laps. Once the laptop computers were turned on, the scrotal temperatures increased by 2.6 degrees C on the left side and 2.8 degrees C on the right side.

2nd report is about health risks due to radiation from mobile phones.

Eurobarometer, a programme within the EU took opinions from across the EU. Of Britons, 65 percent believed that mobile phones affected their health and 71 percent felt that mobile phone masts affected their health. The European results were73 percent and 76 percent.

For over 10 years, a Scandinavian study has been checking for health risks connected to mobile phone use. They report that there is an increase in the chance of getting brain tumors and that radiation from mobiles can kill brain cells, which could mean that the youth may develop senile symptoms by the time they are forty."

So these reports are indication of the risk involed in long term use of all electrical devices, which produce radiation. This radiation is very harmful, and if we cannot avoid the use of these products, we can limit the use to our extreme needs.

Teens are also at risk , because they don't think about limitations or boundaries when they use these digital products. In this condition moderate use is the safest option for all of us.

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  1. My husband lost his best friend to a brain tumor. He used to talk for hours on his cell phone.

    My husband has always said he felt his friend got the tumor from using his cell phone so much, and many people think he's crazy for believing that. Interesting to read something that supports his claims.

    Famed you again on BTF Amera :-) Keep up the good work!


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