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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Health benefits of fishing

Fishing is Physically and Mentally Healthy

Fishing is one of the most relaxing sports.  It gives us a chance to relax and offers us time to de-stress from all of the concerns and worries.

There are numerous studies that indicate the great health benefits of meditation and relaxation and fishing is a great time to practice meditation or another form of mental relaxation. It is a wonderful feeling to be completely relaxed only to be waken up by the drag of your fishing line screaming with a big fish on the line.

Fishing is also good for the lungs and skin. After all, fishing is mostly an outdoor sport. Being outdoors gives one an opportunity to get plenty of fresh air into one's lungs.  Fresh air is healthy air. It contains plenty of oxygen which is fundamental to a healthier physical and mental state. Sunshine is another health benefit derived from fishing. Although some people like fishing enough to brave inclement weather, most prefer a nice sunny day to fish. Sunshine produces a number of beneficial attributes for maintaining a healthy body and appearance.
Fresh air, sunshine and exercise work on one's appetite, so it is always a good idea to take some appetite appeasing food on any fishing trip.

Physically, fishing is not all that demanding. It doesn't take a lot of strength and stamina to fish. 
It is not very strenuous, unless you plan on going deep sea fishing. If you plan for such fishing then better to hire 'fishing charter' providers who can assist you to do this sports in a professional way. A charter rental will give you the opportunity to spend the day catching the fish you ever dreamed to catch for years.
One of those name is 'Mishigan Fishing Charters'
'Mishigan Fishing Charters' offers a fishing experience from the best charter fleet in. Their services are for Michigan and Florida. Typical charters are: Half Day, Full Day and Swordfishing. You get the support from captains and mates who have years of local fishing experience.
Typical charters are morning or afternoon charters for King Salmon and Lake Trout. They also offer perch fishing in the morning.
A maximum of 6 people (adults and children) can go on a charter.

You may carry these things with you:
Two Marines will provide fishing licenses (Florida Only) tackle, bait and ice for your trip. Bring these accessories with you:
  • Sunscreen - recommended to apply 1 hour before boarding and reapply as needed.
  • Sunglasses - Polarized Lenses are best for fishing.
  • Hat-Visors tend to not fly away.
  • Shoes - Preferably non-marking white soles that can get wet.
  • Food and Drink - We have a cooler to accommodate your items.
  • Camera
  • Long Sleeve or rashguard T Shirts for additional sun protection.
  • Seasickness medication (non-drowsy) if you are prone to seasickness. (Please consult your physician).

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