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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Download free ebook -Life lessons from 108 Bloggers Around the World

'Life Lessons from 108 Bloggers Around the World' (

23 pages of PDF file) is a directory of life lessons and compilation of the best life lessons for anyone interested to download, read and learn from.

Abubakar Jamil who is the main creator of this ebook says: 'I believed that such an eBook would serve as an inspirational book that will teach you and me things about life, how others lived their lives and what they learned, the hard way or otherwise, and that it will have the potential to teach us a thing or two about living our lives more effectively.'

The ebook is a free gift from 'Abubakar Jamil' who is a personal development blogger, entrepreneur, graphic designer and the founder of the Self Improvement Blog—Abubakar Jamil.Com. His blog is about inspiring you to improve yourself in all the areas of your life.

The author says: Not only you will enjoy reading this eBook, but will also learn from it some great life lessons, that might just touch your heart and change your life around for the better in some way.

Download page: Life Lessons—The Best Self-Reflections From 108 Bloggers

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  1. I think this book will be very useful, I will look forward to buy it, thanks for sharing.
    personal growth


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