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Saturday, April 16, 2011

How to speed up metabolism and stay healthy with acupressure therapy?

We know it that metabolism plays an important role staying healthy. We can speed up our metabolism with the help of acupressure therapy.

Metabolism is defined as being controlled by the chi, or life force present in all living beings, and by the chi's flow through various major organ systems. By manipulating the chi and changing how certain organs function, the Western concept of metabolism can be affected.
The Ear
The easiest to reach pressure points that affect appetite and metabolism are located in the cartilage above and in front of your ear canal. Pressing for several minutes on this cartilage will help to redirect the chi to lower appetite.
Spleen SP6
A pressure point that affects the spleen, called SP6, is a good pressure point for ensuring digestive health and optimal metabolism. SP6 is on the inside of your leg, around four finger widths above the ankle joint. The specific point is toward the back of the leg, very near the bone.
Spleen SP9
The pressure point SP9 also affects the spleen and has an effect on your body's water metabolism. SP9 is a little harder to find. To find SP9, look about three finger widths from the bottom of the knee cap and then go one finger width toward the inside of your leg. SP9 is located in an indentation just under the top of your tibia.
Stomach ST36
ST36 affects the stomach and the digestive system. ST36 is in the same general area as SP9. As with SP9, it is three fingers below the kneecap. However, it is on the other side of the leg, around one finger width toward the outside of the leg.
Stomach ST40
ST40 has a number of effects on your body. It clears excess phlegm, affects excess moisture in the chi and is important for digestion and metabolism. ST40 is around two finger widths behind your shin bone, half way down the outside of your shin.
Liver LV3
The LV3 acupressure point affects the liver, and thus has an effect on metabolism. LV3 is on the top of your foot in the skin between your first and second toes, where the bones for those two toes join in a "V" shape. LV3 also helps to prevent chi stagnation.
Liver LV11
LV11 is another pressure point that affects your liver. In addition, it clears additional heat and moisture from your body, and thus affects metabolism. It also helps your intestines. LV11 is located on the outside of the crease on the top of your elbow. To find it, hold your palm up; it is located on the thumb side of your elbow crease.


  1. I think that acupressure therapy is a good alternative to supplements when it comes to speeding up your metabolism. It's important to maintain your health always by taking the right nutrients.

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  2. "I think that acupressure therapy is a good alternative to supplements when it comes to speeding up your metabolism." Personally, I haven't heard anything about acupressure helping in discomforts other than body pains. Would you say acupressure is good when you're on a diet?

  3. Amarant! I am a practitioner of acupressure from few years and acupressure is not only a pain reliever but helps get cure and healing from many ailments. Yeah it can help you get more benefits when you are on diet. Naturally when it helps you stay healthier, it may be helpful in other diet programs.

  4. How about meditation? I hear it can help a great deal in speeding up metabolism. Monks use meditation for better metabolism even as they sleep.

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