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Friday, June 17, 2011

What are gravity defyer shoes and are they really beneficial for our feet?

A recent study showed that 80% of people suffer from lower back pain in their lives, while 75% of Americans  suffer some kind of foot problem. Wearing proper kind of shoe can solve some of your lower back/spinal or foot related problems. Leg fatigue, lower back pain and even headaches can result from standing and walking in shoes that fail to provide the combination of support and cushioning required by the user.

These Shoes are scientifically constructed footwear which absorb shock and propel you forward with a shock absorber hidden in every heel. Gravity defyer shoe maker claim that it can ease joint pain and pressure on Your Spine.                                              

How it works?

When you put on Gravity Defyer Shoes, scientifically designed springs push you from your heels to your toes and put you in constant movement. As your weight changes to the balls of your feet, the hidden shock absorber generates upward pressure, rebounding your body upward and propelling you forward in life.

How gravity defyer shoes were created?

Scientists investigating shock absorption for buildings and automobiles discovered a special polymer that was both lightweight and absorbed shock and vibration. This research lead to the development of the very first Gravity Defyer Shoe: the Catapult MMXT3. Others in the sport shoe industry had been trying for decades to produce a shoe that would provide the shock absorption and energy reciprocating power of the Gravity Defyer Shoes.

Can gravity defyer shoes help us getting rid of these problems?
Benefits of gravity defyer shoes:
  • It helps ease Joint Pain and pressure on Your Spine
  • You can jump higher and walk faster with these shoes
  •  You look taller. As you will gain nearly two inches (2") of height without looking like you are wearing platform or elevator shoes.

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