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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wedding and Vacation At One Place And Price!

Last month was busiest time of the year for me, because of my sister's wedding. She is my only sister and she relied on me for all wedding arrangements. My husband helped me for the whole ceremony, but the difficult time was to give her a memorable gift. And of course we both wanted to give the newly web couple a surprise but exciting gift.

After a week of internet search and discussing with friend, we came to a decision of selecting a honeymoon all inclusive resort package. I was worried about the price because I was sharing half with my husband. But after browsing the site Super Clubs my husband assured me that the whole package is within our budget range.

We purchased honeymoon stay of three nights and wedding was free. We had to schedule our wedding location and time online and rest of the hassle was for the people with whom we booked the wedding and honeymoon package.

This discount vacation packages was going to be an ideal gift as my sister and her husband loved travelling. And I knew that my sister was crazy about Jamacian resorts.

We were assured that it would be a perfectdestination weddings.

It features a group of wedding specialists who will make sure that wedding day unfolds flawlessly. They take care of everything from the minister to the floral arrangements to the wedding cake. They'll even help you find the perfect place at the resort for you to exchange vows.

My sister and her husband are back to their jobs and last week I received a big thankyou card from them saying that 'it was the most precious gift which they enjoyed and would remember for long times' and for me it was satisfying that the people who are offering these packages fulfilled their promises of quality and service.

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