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Monday, September 15, 2008

'Project Weight Loss' - A community to help you live a healthy life

It is a fact that we learn from our mistakes, but the easiest way to learn is from other's lives. The people around us can teach us the real life lessons. As we all know that if you want to live a healthy life for long, you should maintain a healthy diet and weight. Those who are 'over weight' are at high risk of inviting serious diseases. The best solution to get the awareness is to have contact with the people who have similar target of living a healthy life.

Project Weight Loss is a community for those who want to live healthy. It helps you to maintain balanced diet and achieve an active lifestyle which is essential for weight loss and healthy living.

Here you'll find weight loss articles, weight loss blogs , clubs, and a forum where you can post diet and fitness questions and answers.

More features of the site

There are many tools which are offered at the site like as:
- menu planner helps you create healthy diet plans;
- the calorie counter counts the calories in your meals and tells you if that's more than you need to reach your ideal weight;
- the workout planner helps you choose exercises to burn excess calories;
- the BMI calculator calculates your current and ideal body mass index.

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