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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Now HD Digital Radio with more attractions

Now you can listen Florida High Definition Radio stations and
new country music stations with new music and more programs. But it is not enough because now HD Digital Radio is available with more offers.
More qualities of HD Digital Radio:

* It can plays CDs, Plays DVDs, Satellite Radio, Video outputs, Integrated iPod Dock.

* It offers FM-like sound of AM and the superior CD-like sound of FM HD Radio stations

* HD Digital Radio is available with dual Alarm clock with large LCD, and as usual sound quality is the best.

* HD Radio receiver is now enabled with iTunes Tagging.

Process of tagging is simple: When you hear a song you like on your local FM HD Radio station, you simply hit the “tag” button. The song’s info will be saved from your HD Radio receiver to your iPod.
The songs will show up in a playlist called "Tagged" in iTunes the next time you sync your iPod to your computer.

Also you can click, download and buy the songs you want directly from the Apple iTunes Music Store.

* Polk Audio I-sonic ES2 offers a powerful, room-filling stereo sound with palpable bass. HD Radio is now equiped with the same technology.

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  1. Here is another radio to get HD tagging with


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