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Friday, September 21, 2007

Download free self help e-books

These self help books are free to download. I have collected these links from different sites. I love to read motivational and inspirational book which could help you in self development and speed up your self growth process. This collection of e-books is to get advantage of free offer from different sites. If you can get books at no charge, so why buy it?

Downloading instructions:
From number 1 to 4, you have to open the link and it would take you to the site, where download link is given. From 5 to the last number you just click the right mouse button, choose "save as" and pdf version of the e-book would start downloading.

1- The_Mind Switch_Method
Learn the amazing, PROVEN technique of how to take control of your life immediately, predict your own future by creating it, and guarantee positive progress in your life.
The MindSwitch Method

Brainstuffing is a collection of useful tips and articles to help organize our life, reduce stress, have a few laughs...and so much more like relationships, money, jobs.
download link

3- The_Longest_Road
This true story is a powerfully and evocatively written dark and suspenseful psychological drama. It is about a young woman, who after a troubled childhood, finds herself pregnant and alone. She devotes her life to caring for and raising her child. As her son grows, he becomes more and more abusive towards her and their conflicts escalate. Desperate to resolve their explosive relationship, she searches out his birth father, believing that that will heal her son's pain. In a shocking twist of events, both father and son turn against her and she is forced into psychiatric care. Torn between her love for her son and her own survival, she must find the courage to leave her son's life in order to save her own.

Download Link: The Longest Road

4- The_Way_to_Happiness
The Way to Happiness book is for anyone who wants to make the best choices and decisions possible in their lives, regardless of race, nationality or religion.
The way to happiness

5-Self-Development and the Way to Power: Download link

6-- Super Success Code
Download link

7-70 of the Most Inspirational Quotes

Download link

8-Self-Improvement Mania!

Download link

9-404 Self Improvement Tips

Download link

10-Supreme Collection of Success Quotes

Download link

11-The 3 Most Powerful Ways To Achieve Anything
Download link

12-Guaranteed Success Thinking

Download Link

13-Memory - How to Attend and Never Forget
Download link

14-Lessons from Miracle Doctors
A Step-by-step Guide to Optimum Health & Relief from Catastrophic Illness - by Jon Barron
There is a network of elite herbalists, holistic healers, and renegade medical doctors throughout the world, performing miracles on a daily basis. Thousands of people throughout the world have come to these "miracle doctors" terminally ill, and thousands have left healthy. Now, the secrets of these Miracle Doctors is revealed in Jon Barron's step-by-step guide to optimum health and relief from catastrophic illness.
Download link-PDF

15- The Cure for All Diseases
Dr Hulda Clark's belief is that all diseases have simple explanations and cures once their true cause is known. She explains the causes of both common and extraordinary diseases and gives specific instruction for their cure through natural remedies and an electrical device you can build at

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