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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Amazing story of a sick woman who cured herself!

This is a true story of a woman who was sick for more than 5 years, daily migraines, chronic and debilitating muscle pain and fatigue, and a myriad of other symptoms left her wishing most days that she would die. But at last she decided to turn back from conventional medicines and adopted the natural healing system which could cure herself totally. This inspirational story is the proof that nature is very kind to us, and we have those all remedies and cures around us, which can keep us sickness free.

Shelly Keck-Borsits's nightmare began at the end of 1996, at the age of 25. Almost overnight her seemingly healthy body became ravaged with unexplainable pain. Over the next 5 1/2 years she would turn to several doctors and specialists for help in finding the cause of her chronic, and debilitating pain. X-rays, MRI's, CAT scans and blood tests showed there was nothing wrong. But there was something wrong.

Something was dreadfully wrong. Eventually Shelly was told by one doctor that he believed she had Fibromyalgia and told her to go to the internet to read up on the incurable disease he had diagnosed her with. While searching for information on Fibromyalgia she came across a woman's story that was so similar to her own it was if she had wrote the story herself. Besides their symptoms being identical, they also had one other thing in common. Before they had fallen ill they had both taken the same birth control injections. Shelly put her own story online to see if other women who were on these same birth control injections were suffering from this same mysterious illness. To her surprise, and horror, emails started flooding in from women all around the world. Women were begging her to put up web pages so they could tell their stories too. She started the not for profit web site Antique & Vintage Costume Jewelry. From that point on she continued to bounce from doctor to doctor to no avail. The prescription drugs and surgery she underwent did nothing for her but multiply her health problems. Instead of getting better, she was getting worse.

She turned her back on conventional medicine and started looking for alternative methods to cure her so-called 'incurable disease'. Placqued with daily migraines, sinus and yeast infections, severe and debilitating muscle tightness and pain, insomnia, bloating, weight gain, hormonal imbalances, and a long list of other equally severe symptoms, she knew she had to find a cure or else.

Her life was so riddled with pain that she didn't want to continue living in the condition she was in. She was merely existing, not living. Unfortunately her turn to the alternative field was, at first, as equally disappointing as was her results with conventional medicine. Eventually she got on the right path.

She learned the secret to the cause and cure of disease. Without drugs, without homeopathic remedies, without any potions or pills, she cured herself from the pain that had destroyed her body. Shelly is now sharing the information that saved her life with the rest of the world.
Shelly has put her information online and in greater detail in her book "Dying To Get Well": RX Drugs & Surgery FAILED! Raw Food, Juicing & Fasting CURED My Disease.

Her book also reveals:

How To CURE Your Disease.. not just MANAGE it
What Foods You Need To Eat To Help CURE Your Disease
What Foods You MUST Avoid To Reverse Your Disease
Why the TRUTH About Your Disease is covered up
Why The Doctors & Drug Companies Do NOT Want You To See This Info

This is a pdf version of 160 page book is selling at the price of Total $24.29.

But it is the courtesy of the author that she is giving up the soft copy free to download.

Download link: It can be found on her both sites. Just go through the pages of her sites and get the link to her pdf e-book.

Her sites:
1- Dying to get well

2- Raw and juicy This site would be a useful site for vegetarians. Because it is based on the Shelly's own experiences.

Note: Unfortunately both the sites are unavailable so you can now download the ebook from 'scribd' for free.

Download link: 'Dying to get well'

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