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Friday, June 1, 2012

What is criminal justice system and role of Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Lawyer is someone who is licensed to maintain stability within the scope of justice and his social authority. There are certain types of law practitioners and their roles vary depending. A defense lawyer or attorney’s job is to assist the state in properly convicting people of crimes.

The criminal justice system is a three-part system consisting of the judge and jury, the prosecutor, and the defense lawyer. Each part of this system has a specific role. The role of the judge and jury is to render an impartial decision based solely on the facts presented and the laws applicable to the charged offense. In order to decide impartially, the judge and jury must be able to hear arguments from both sides. The prosecutor's role is to argue the side of the state that seeks to prove the defendant's guilt. The defense lawyer's role is to argue on behalf of the defendant.

Roles of a criminal defense attorney:
* S/he investigates the case thoroughly and makes an assessment of the severity of the accusations. According to this assessment, s/he will prepare to present a strong defense at the court on your behalf.
* A criminal attorney often wants to prepare crucial papers and documents for the case. For preparing the requisite documents, an attorney frequently obtains warrants for search and interrogation purposes. With the aid of this warrant, s/he schedules interviews and gathers info to defend you.
* Based on the gathered documents and info s/he then prepares a complaint against your arrest.
* S/he appeals for your bail and for lowering your penalties and punishments. S/he defends your case efficiently and presents your case strongly against the opposition.
* S/he fights out the case just before the law and proves your points. If you are accused wrongfully, a criminal defense attorney proves your innocence and appeals to the court to release you right away.

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