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Monday, July 26, 2010

Medifast Diet - A popular diet and weight loss program

As people are more relaxed nowadays and due to easiness in our lives they are tend to put on weight. With the widest use of technology in our society we are getting comfort and so less hard work. At the same time we are concerned about weight loss or diet programs because we know that weight gain is not a good symbol. There are many diet programs which can help us maintain our weight, but few diet or weight loss diets are more popular then others and one of those is 'medifast diet'

According to 'Web':

'The Medifast program is a very low-calorie, no-brainer approach to weight loss. There's no counting calories, fat grams, or carbs; you just eat or drink six times a day.'

Medifast weight loss system was created or launched 27 years ago as a meal replacement program. Now people around the world are enthusiastic to follow this diet program for weight control or other purposes.

Why this diet is getting popularity?

The popularity and likeness of the Medifast program is due to the limited decision making. You choose five daily meal replacements from an assortment of portion-controlled shakes, puddings, eggs, oatmeal, chili, bars, or soups, plus prepare one "lean and green meal." Soy or whey protein are the basis for the meal replacements, which are designed to help dieters feel satisfied on the very low-calorie plan.

The primary Medifast weight loss program, "5 plus 1," calls for five daily Medifast meal-replacement drinks or foods (all available only through the company) plus one "lean and green" meal, consisting of lean meat or fish plus salad or green vegetables.

Dieters are allowed 5-7 daily ounces of lean meat or fish. The meal options are broken down into "lean," "leaner" and "leanest." If you choose leaner options, additional healthy fats are allowed. The lean meats and fish may be grilled, baked, boiled, broiled, or poached.

Add three servings of raw, steamed, grilled, baked, or boiled vegetables to the lean meat or fish to complete the meal. Vegetables are listed from lowest to higher carbohydrate content, and the ones highest in carbs -- carrots, corn, peas, potatoes, onions, and Brussels sprouts - are excluded.

To get more information about this 'medifast diet' or 'medifast weight loss program' you can consult your family doctor and get the advice. May be you can also get information about local 'medifast diet' centre.
You can also search online for more tips, learning and suggestions regarding this diet.

Source link: 'Web'

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  1. me too is using medifast for my weight loss and using meidfast coupons for discounts


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