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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A community site where you can build your universe

'You niverse' is a new social networking place where you can find the people having same interests by taking some visual tests. These tests help you learn more about you and then you can search the network having same interest level which is shown by percentage matching with your profile.

More about the site:

Youniverse:It is the home of Visual DNA – your personality in pictures. You may click on any category and choose the image among

You can compare your personality with others to find people who match your aspirations and share your emotions.

There are many kind of tests which you can take online like as:

* Personality Test
* Art quiz
* Dating & Love
* Movies
* Party
* Mind
* Well being
* Personality Quiz

Their blog is a good place to know more about this community site.

You need to sign up free for the registration after taking free quiz and the whole process is really fun as you enjoy clicking on images to take the test and know more about yourself.

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