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Saturday, April 11, 2009

'The sycologist'

The sycologist is from Martin Jenkins but there are not any iformation about blog or blog author. But blog layout and design is simple without any ads and it attracts the attention of serious readers who want quality content.

I am quoting top posts which describe what we can expect at the blog:

Can a Dog Recognize itself?
Sangiran 17 and intelligent design
Running Around Wembley Stadium the Wrong Way
Urinal Psychology
Armageddon: you'll have time
Should US Muslims vote Republican?
All dogs are Buddhist
The Chicken or the egg?
Russian Roulette
Eddie Adams’ lasting legacy
Nokulunga Buthelezi: Snake or Woman?
Child on a leash
The Flaming Lips and the two-slit experiment
The World’s Greatest Conspiracy
The Fastest Man on Earth
The Black Swan

There are many interesting posts at the blog which kept me busy reading for hours

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  1. Hi! Thanks for your kind words!
    I've been a bit lazy in updating it recently, but hope to write some more stuff soon. cheers!


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