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Thursday, April 2, 2009

A place for parents to stay and enjoy -'Parentricity'

'Parentricity' is a social networking site offering a place for parents to find quality products for their children. It is not an online shopping mall, but a community place where parents can share their ideas, tips at this site.

The site offers a productreview and rating program which is for parents and they are invited to rate and review the products they are using for their children.

It offers many other attractive features among which 'contests' may be of interest to many of us, as these contests are easy to participate. Contests are related to family and parenting photo submission and all are currently held by site itself.

- 'Advice' section of the site is very useful as there are many question answers which might be related to our own families and as you get the solution from an expert this advice or tips can be worth.

I think as a parent you should enjoy visiting this site as everything is related to our parenting and family sides. I really enjoyed the photos and video section with lots of interesting videos and lovely pictures.

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