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Monday, December 31, 2007

Get help of "Symptoms Checker" to know more about your health

As the site has clear policy about this tool, I want to say it before starting my post that " This tool is only a guide. You can use as an information source but it is not an alternate of a health professional or your doctor"

I had one or two medical softwares, where sometimes I entered data for my symptoms and it showed the possible disease which I might have and also details about it. So I never took it very seriously, rather using it as an information source. The same tool you can use free from Mayo Clinic, which is a very popular web site, prodiding you health information, self-improvement and disease management tools.

How it helps you?

Site has provided very interactive tool, which shows symptoms catagory for adults and child, so you can click the link matching with your symptoms. For example I searched for child-constipation topic, and the result page took me to another page, where possible causes of constipation were present, based on scientific factors. I checked the boxed provided according to symptoms and next page gave me the results, diseases and conditions associated with the symptoms provided.

Use this tool:
Symptom Checker
For more tools and health information:
Mayo Clinic,

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