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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Do you blame God for your sufferings?

Very naturally when we feel blue, we blame God for our sufferings, our sorrows.
And many times when I felt myself very lonely in this world, a thought came into my mind that why it is happening to me, why me?------Why I have to suffer?
Whenever I talked about this topic with my fellows, they mentioned the same stage of mind at the time of sufferings. First we try to blame any one who is involved in this situation, including ourselves, and at the last it is clear that it was from God, and we have to have patience.

During times when God allows suffering, we seldom understand why. We cling to our hope and hold to our faith, but we still ask, Why, God, do you allow my suffering and pain? ----When God is Himself very kind and merciful. There are some answers we can get:
- It is because, through sufferings, we come closer to our God.
- When He allows us to suffer, He allows us to see his presence and to love Him more deeply.
- Sometimes, pain and sufferings come as a test and God rewards the faithful.
There are a lot more answers, but you would agree with me that for those difficult times, you need to think positively, and more religious. In my down times of life, I desperately needed someone who could give me some advice, show me encouragement and way to self help.

Few days ago, I saw a site which was exactly fulfilling the topic I described above. It is in fact a course which is called “Alpha Course”, and it is a personal level, self help course helping you in getting the specific answer to our question why god allows suffering?

It would be interesting to know what media is telling about this course:

The Daily Telegraph, London
"Alpha is an unqualified triumph."

"Alpha…uses modern marketing methods to promote and explain Christian teachings around the world."

"God honors those who have suffered – and helps those in pain".

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