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Friday, December 3, 2010

Acupressure therapy for toothache

Acrpressure is a proven therapy for pain relief. Every one of us some experience of toothace and severety of this ailment. Acupressure offers a good relief from pain due to any complication related to teeth or gums.

I practiced this therapy to one of my students (5 year old) who complained a severe pain in her teeth. I asked which tooth was hurting her? I hold the opposite side palm and pressed the finger tip relevant to the teech position for some time and started talking with her. After a few minutes my students said that she is now better and doesn't need to go back home. Second time my son suffered from severe toothache and I tried the acupressure treatment for relief by applying pressure on relevant finger. After half an hour he could go to sleep after relief from pain.

There are times when you need to use painkillers for the toothache, but if you have a good knowledge of accupressure, you can apply the skill yourself to get rid of discomfort until you get an appointment to a dentist.

Acupressure points to relieve tootache:

Point 1 : This is on the right foot. This point is located on the line starting from the intersection of second and third fingers and going till the middle of the ankle joint. From the intersection of the fingers it is located one inch above. Press this point for 3 minutes.

Point 2 : This point is on the right hand. It is located on the joint of the index finger and the thumb near the wrist. Press this point for 3 minutes.

Point 3 : Clench your teeth. On the right jaw below the right ear the jaw muscle will come out prominently. Press this point for 3 minutes.

Point 4 : This point is on the tip of the toes on the foot. If the pain is on the right side press the toe tips of the right foot and if it is on the left foot then press the toe tips on the left foot. Press the all the toe tips for around 3 minutes.

Point 5 : This point is tips of the fingers on the hand. Select the hand on based on the side where you have pain similar to previous Point 4. Press all the finger tips for a total of 3 minutes.

You can repeat it after 1 or 2 hours if needed.

Note: Remember that for pain relief you need to press the point for few minutes ss you need an anaesthetic effect) it is different from pressing the point with intervals in normal therapy sessions.

I have drawn the facing picture, and it shows the finger tip points relevant to the tooth you have problem. Pressing the finger tips for few minutes is a definite relief from tootache.

With thanks (source): 'Headfirstyoga'


  1. after reading many of your blog post really pleased with the kind of information. It is one of the high quality content blog related acupressure.

  2. As a reflexologist, the teeth reflexes are on the corners of each first knuckle on the fingers (and toes) teeth on the first corners below the nail bed, bottom teeth on the bottom corners of the knuckle....(of fingers, although all teeth for left or right are on the thumbs too, you can zone in on individual teeth on the fingers)...once you know the offending tooth, pressing the corresponding knuckle will activate natural painkillers to that tooth...I've had root canal treatment just by stimulating that tooth's reflex with NO injections!! ...have taught this to clients who are frightened of needles at the dentist too and it does work!!! :)

  3. This is very interesting. This is very helpful for those people who are suffering for toothache but off course, if you need emergency dental care, you always need to visit your dentist.


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