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Monday, December 15, 2008

Get allergy informaiton at - 'Food Matter'

Food allergy is a common symptom when we see that a food is not digested and body shows signs of getting rid of it. Sometimes allergic reactions are very serious and we need emergency treatment for it. In most of the cases we can save ourselves by avoiding those foods which are causing allergic reaction to our body. This post would help you learn about an online resouce which specifically offers information about food allergies. You get browse the site and get useful stuff from it.

Allergy can be defined as 'a specific response by the immune system to a substance (inhaled, touched or eaten) which it mistakenly identifies as harmful.'

Many people do suffer adverse reactions to substances, particularly foods, which have not sparked an immune system response. These responses are normally classed as intolerances or sensitivities and have a very wide range of causes, symptoms and degrees of severity.

Food Matter is an online resource for anyone with an allergy or an intolerance. You can find research based articles on allergy, intolerance and sensitivity(inhaled, contact and ingested) and the many health conditions related to them.

You can share your experiences or get in touch with other persons like you via their forums

At left side bar you can see many allergy catagories and you can easily search for the information you need for a specific kind of allergy.

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