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Friday, July 18, 2008

"Meet Junkies" - Raising public awareness of "Meat Addiction"

I was really scared to read the word "meat addiction", because I am a meat lover and may be 'I can't be a full vegan'. But the facts and information offered at the site are really useful and need our attention. Site content is very original and impressive.

It is a hard fact that "every year meat-related diseases kill twice as many people as tobacco."

Meat Junkie is from "Tyler Cole" who is a recovering meat addict.

"Meat Junkie" aims to:

Inform Americans of the economic, environmental, and social costs of meat abuse.
Assess what works in prevention, intervention, and treatment.
Remove the stigma of abuse and replace shame and despair with hope. It offers comprehensive information and support through the following resources: essays, banners, a meat-free gallery, and links to other online resources.

Site offers very informative articles about:

Meat Addiction,

Moral reasons to be vegtarian,

Environmental Reasons to be Vegetarian

Health Reasons to be Vegetarian

Are Vegans Sexier than Meat Eaters?

Site: Meat Junkie

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