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Monday, June 30, 2008

How to increase your brain powers?

This topic is very sensitive as many people won't believe that you can increase your brain powers. But often it is said that more you work with your brain, more you involve in creative and brain enhancement activities, you can increase your brain powers.

"Increase brain power" is a site where increase your IQ, creative thinking, and a lot more topics are discussed mainly about "brain".

* 5 study habits are:
- Find a Quiet Place to Study
- Organize Your Papers
- Tackle the Most Difficult Assignment First
- Focus on One Subject at a Time
- Take Breaks

For full article: Study Habits
Few article links from many titles:

* More Ways To Solve Problems - Techniques and tricks.

* Creative Thinking

* Brain Foods
The weekly Brainpower Newsletter can help you to know more about brain enhancement tips and techniques. You get the "How To Have New Ideas Invent things" with the newsletter, It is about write new stories, think new thoughts, and be the life of the conversation - just use the powerful techniques in this report.

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