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Friday, May 9, 2008

Review:"In full bloom:A brain education guide for successful aging"

During attending a self help and positive thinking course, I was really interested in the part of training which was about "use of our brain and skills". And it was the first time I learned that we are really not using our skills. By utilizing the brain's full power, it is believed that we can acquire the best of our skills and powers. The first step towards knowing what magics and wonders our brain can do for us, we have to knwo more about functions of our brain and how we can use these abilities for a better life.

Title of this post can explain why I wrote" A brain education guide-----", because as you would read more about this book, you would realize that it is providing a good solution for our aging problem as well.

This is a self help book from Ilchi Lee" and "Dr.Jessie Jones" and the title is:

"In Full Bloom: A Brain Education Guide for Successful Aging"

What is this In full bloom book about?

The book concept is based on the theory that "as we grow older, we accept this fact that we are now old enough and so we accept the old age ralative deficiencies also. But the book provides us the message that we can choose to exercise our brain. Brain is capable of creating new brain cells and new neural connections at any age. So knowing our inners powers, and make use of it leads to a better and life, slowing down the natural process of agying.

According to I. Lee, "Understanding the brain, and knowing the brain, is really understanding and knowing your life. When we know and understand our brain, we realize the three principles of making the most out of the brain. First, “If you choose it, it happens.” Second, “Good news makes a good brain.” And third, “Always be awake.” Miracles really do happen when you use your brain well. I’ve experienced that a lot."
And J. Jones says: "The brain is the center of all actions, feelings, judgments, passions, and dreams. If older people can realize this and can enhance their brain function, it’s going to enhance their lives. And it doesn’t matter how old you are. Your brain continues to blossom…if you work at it."

* Watch the video: Discover youth at youtube. It is an informational/inspirational video to support the book.

The site,, has been developed to support the launch of the recently released book "In Full Bloom: A Brain Education Guide for Successful Aging".

The site has a lot of free resources, including the "8-Weeks to A Younger You program"

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