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Sunday, April 20, 2008

"Health line"- providing health information services

Internet has become a good source of information and people usually search the net to get knowledge. In health sector there are a lot of resources at the net, which have rich content, equally useful for health professionals or a common person. I love to look around for health related sites, where you can find the ultimate knowledge, research based facts and health related stuff. "Health line" is one of the sites with a exposure. is one of the top 10 health information destination site with over 5 million monthly unique visitors generating over 20 million page views per month.

It started in late 2005.
Misssion of the site is to provide consistently excellent health information on the Web to the consumers.

By registering FREE at the site, you get these benefits:

- Free Access to Journals and Magazines
- Email News Alerts: Choose the health topics you're most interested in and automatically receive the latest news
- Subscribe to Healthline Health Experts: Get automatic delivery of medical professional blogs that you can read, comment on and send to others
- Save Pages: Save articles, add notes and tag, and organize your important health information.

For registration, click here
They have a number of newsletters from which you can choose the topics, you want to subscribe.

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