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Thursday, November 22, 2007

"Evolving Times" a self growth site with "Law of Attraction" resources!

Created by Edward Mills, who is a "Law of attraction" Coach, Teacher, Speaker and writer. Evolving Times is a reflection of his passion about self growth. He is an enthusiast to explore and expand his awareness of himself and the world around him.

Alongwith a long list of posts covering different areas of personal development, this blog shows Edward's passion about "The Law of attraction"

People with no knowledge of "Law of attraction" might be interested in this "Revolutionay theory", which is the talk of the town today. I am also an enthusiast about this concept, and this blog is a really nice resource for this purpose. You may get many search results, while searching for this term, but as most of the sites are professional and selling something relating to this formula, better to have a look at "Evolving Times", before going to other sites. But first, let's learn about "Law of attraction"

Our thoughts can attract what we want, our thoughts simply focus our actions, taking certain actions will certainly bring about certain results. Focusing on what you want, and following that thought with focused and planned action works. It works like magic. "The law of attraction" is based on this theory, and by applying this law in a planned manner, you can get wealth, success and everything you want in life. So in short term you can say that it is "key to success or treasure"

At Secret of law of attraction blog the definition is quoted as:

"The Law of Attraction is very real and people are utilizing it right now to achieve their dreams and goals. Through monitoring and controlling your attitude and perception you can change the experiences in your life. The programming that lies in the depths of your subconscious mind is that which controls your conscious mind, which in turn controls the choices and decisions you make in relation to the direction your life takes. By thinking positively you will be much more likely to have positive experiences to match. The bible verse that says "as you sow so shall you reap" is in line with the Law of Attraction, as is the passage "if you speak death you will eat death". Both indicate that what you think, do, feel and believe is where life will take you."

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At the site a commentator says "The secret to working the Law of Attraction to our benefit involves faith in ourselves, belief in our inspiration and purpose, and then taking the inspired action to assist God/the Universe/non-physical in answering our prayers/intentions/desires."
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