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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Gift of free e-books for every visitor of this site!

These are very valuable health and self help related e-books which I have downloaded myself and want this blog readers to download for free.

Link to download your first e-book 'God's Debris':

Get your free-no strings attached-e-book version of God's Debris in pdf format. Enjoy it yourself or e-mail it to friends. The only restriction is that you enjoy it personally without any commercial use.

Why is it Free?
Frankly, this is the hardest book in the world to market. When it first came out in hardcover, booksellers couldn't decide if it was fiction or nonfiction. Was it philosophy or religion? It's a religion/science book written by a cartoonist, using hypnosis techniques in the writing. It's a thought experiment. It's unlike anything you've ever read. How do you sell something that can't be explained?

Another e-book to download: "As a man thinketh"

Change your thoughts, change your life is the simple description of this book.

Hope you enjoy your gifts!
Come to this site for more motivation, inspiration and personal growth. Your comments are highly appreciated.

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